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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Homecomings Financial
False credit reporting

Homecomings Financial admits its customers have false 120 days late reports with equifax but it is up to each individual customer to discover this and correct it through homecomings. Meanwhile your credit score is wrecked! If they have your mortgage PLEASE check this out! All the false reports have been inserted as occurring ...

Mortgage rip off!

I received a call from an assistant to the VP of MLN and she said there's nothing she can do about who they sell their mortgage to. Received another mailing from a member of this site who said MLN has gone belly up - No wonder they are selling out! I have her # and will call back and keep everyone posted. Looks like we are all ...

Dallas Housing Authority
Nonexisting payments

To Whom it may concern: June 19,2006 we entered into the Roseland Towne homes on Washington the address we used was 3535 munger and told to appear in court November 9,2006 A. D. We were told of a nonexisting payment was made in August in the amount of $44 and again in September for the same amount. All deposits were paid and ...

Richmond American Homes
No refund of deposit!

Letter to Attorney General: As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. 15 days ago we put $4000 down on a deposit for a home to built. Due to circumstances my husband lost his job, therefore we did not qualify for a RHM loan, The permit has only just been ...