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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Beware of this company!

Wells fargo home mortgage sent an appraiser for reverse mortgage with expired license, under appraised the house by 7000 dollars according third federal and drew the wrong diagram of the home. Wells fargo then wanted 5000 dollars to continue the process for the mortgage. Wells fargo home mortgage is located in Minneapolis. ...

America's Servicing Company
Poor customer service

I have America's Servicing Company as my mortgage company, and I too am extremely upset with the service. I agree with one of the writers that ASC will call me if I am a few days late, but I can never find anyone to help me when I have a concern. I am in the process of trying to refinance my loan, and when I pulled my credit ...

America's Servicing Company
Poor customer service

I could probably write a book about this RIP OFF Company! My loan was also sold by Option One Jan 06. I became ill, contacted them in May 06. Stated organ has failed, going in for transplant in July. Please advise process if payment missed. By July 19,2006, I had received no response. Each time I sent a letter (to have proof) ...

America's Servicing Company
Not sending payoff quotes

I have been trying to refinance my home, and was supposed to close a week ago, but America's Servicing Company refuses to send the payoff quote. They claim to have sent it to the fax numbers given, but no one has received it. I called yesterday to have it expedited and was promised it would be at the office by close of ...

Homecomings Financial
False credit reporting

Homecomings Financial admits its customers have false 120 days late reports with equifax but it is up to each individual customer to discover this and correct it through homecomings. Meanwhile your credit score is wrecked! If they have your mortgage PLEASE check this out! All the false reports have been inserted as occurring ...