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The Tri County Humane Society And Jeannette (Leona Helmsley Hitler) Christos
Absolutely shameful animal abuse, fund misdirection, and customer deceit DAILY by Jeannette Christos and management of Tri County Humane Society

Fire jeannette christos, director of tri county humane, boca.
Corrupt, lying, stealing, criminally abusive, deceitful, arrogant, self-righteous, paranoid, ignorant, trailer trash slime has crossed the line of decency daily at her dog dump.

The Tri County Humane Society Board of Directors is a joke, for allowing Christos to continue her reign of terror. You are a washed up, corrupt piece of dog dung Jeannette, how does it feel to have everyone that comes in contact with you hate you?
EVERYONE! There surely will be a cheering section at your funeral!

You abuse animals DAILY
You direct staff to mistreat animals DAILY
You allow medical procedures by unqualified personnel DAILY
You lie to customers about animals health and disposition DAILY, LIAR
You allow the killing and cremation of animals daily 100% NO KILL?
You steal from Tri County funds daily THIEF
Your offices are constantly remodeled WITH THE ANIMALS FUNDS
The shelter itself is never fixed up properly SHAME
You allow diseases to run rampant IGNORANCE
Your car, gas, and credit cards are paid for with shelter funds. THIEF
Your employees ALL hate you ALL OF THEM
Your volunteers ALL hate you ALL OF THEM
You are verbally racist beyond belief BIGOT
You discriminate constantly against staff and clients BIGOT
You are a LIAR, a CRIMINAL, and should be imprisoned.

Hundreds of complaints against tri county, and were all wrong, 100% wrong, according to this lying animal abuser.

Here is jeannette christos rebuttal denying and making excuses for all, yes, all of the documented complaints by good honest concerned animal lovers, donators, and customers.

Jeannette Christos is a sad sad old nightmare, and should be imprisoned.
How consumed by ignorance, deception, and ego can a person be to write something like the following rebuttal? Judge for yourself.

Letter to Supporters & Friends of Tri County Humane Society
Dear Friends:

In light of all the controversy in the newspapers caused by the small but vocal group calling themselves the "Boca Animal Lovers, " we want to take this opportunity to give you the facts about Tri County Humane Society and the group that has made these slanderous allegations against the shelter.

First, please let me state to you, in no uncertain terms: The allegations made by this group are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FALSE.

Now the coalition has started with a petition going from door to door and business to business to get signatures to have Tri County investigated. They are grasping at straws, as they have no proof to go forward themselves. They want to take over this shelter, which is never going to happen. Of course, that would be great for them, after everyone has worked so hard for the last five years to make Tri County a great shelter. If they had to start a shelter themselves, they wouldn't have a clue. It takes a little more than coming in a few hours a week and fluffing up the dog beds or walking the dogs.

Here are some examples of letters written by members of the "coalition, " as well as the truth about these letters:

Statement of Angela Gardella: Ms. Gardella has not been at the shelter for more than four years, when she was asked to leave the property after telling an employee she was going to humanely poison the senior dogs that were taking up too much room. As far as her allegation that I wanted to take money from the shelter because I told her we would only accept "cash, no checks", this occurred when we held our White Elephant Sale on our property and we were not taking any checks from anyone because of past NSF checks we had received. Ms. Gardella's husband was at the table collecting money for items sold. At the end of the day he came in and handed me a personal check, which he wanted to exchange in return for all the cash that we had collected. His reason for doing so was that he wanted to claim the total donations as a tax deduction. I vehemently told him that was against the law and I would not verify it if the deduction was questioned. To me, this is stealing, pure and simple.

Statement of Michele Greenhall: Ms. Greenhall stated that dogs "Jax", "Marla", and "Casper" did not receive medical care. We have pages of medical records to prove the opposite. Ms. Greenhall was asked to leave Tri County by the Board of Directors for falsifying documents and e-mailing un-truths under Tri County's name, which almost caused a lawsuit to be filed against the shelter. This was inappropriate and unacceptable behavior.

Statement of Lori Solodkin: Ms. Solodkin came in to Tri County to adopt a puppy. The puppy had a cherry eye, and I explained to her there had been occasions that with medicine, cherry eye has gone away, but I told her to take the puppy to Dr. Tannenbaum and he could tell her what to do. Dr. Tannenbaum referred her to an eye specialist. Ms. Solodkin was not charged an adoption fee, and has since has brought the puppy by Tri County to say how happy they are with the puppy.

Statement of Carol Scott: Ms. Scott states no medical care. Pages of medical records in dispute available at Tri County.

Statement of Cathy Hartney: Ms. Hartney states no medical care. Pages of medical records in dispute available at Tri County.

Statement of Jane Thomas: Ms. Thomas wanted all pregnant cats that were ready to give birth any minute aborted at once because she felt there were too many cats in the world. It is not Tri Countys policy to kill kittens. She brought in animals from her migrant farm workers that were in such bad shape that the vet bills ran into the thousands of dollars. She insisted that every cat with an eye problem be rushed to an eye specialist instead of relying on the treatment of our own vets. Jane Thomas did take several of the cats to an eye specialist and, unfortunately, we wish Tri County had thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for taking every cat to a specialist.

Statement of Debbie Telsey: Ms. Telsey adopted out a dog (Haley) four times when she was told not to. This dog was adopted out with people Debbie was working with at Tri County and were never told the truth about why the dog was returned, and again it was returned time and time again. These four people were looking for family pets and every time the dog was returned, they wouldn't even consider getting another dog because Debbie misled them.

Ms. Telsey left Tri County because she was told she could not bring her children to the shelter with her. She was asked over and over again to please not bring her under age children in with her. One day a lady come up to me very upset, because she wanted to volunteer and bring her 8 and 10 year-old children with her to walk dogs. We explained that volunteers had to be at least 16 years old even with their parents because of insurance purposes. She was in the shelter on a Saturday and watched Ms. Telsey's children take puppies out of the cages, go behind the front desk, and walk around with kittens under their shirts that were in quarantine.

Ms. Telsey has also been friends with Jan Marcus, the wife of our Board Member and treasurer, and never once did she express to Jan concern for problems at the shelter. The final time that Donna Carrigan, Tri County's assistant director, told Ms. Telsey that her children could not come to the shelter with her she stormed out and said she would never be back. The fundraisers that Ms. Telsey did through Haley's Angel's were only for certain dogs that she and Michele Greenhall liked. When other volunteers wanted to have dogs taken care of through Haley's Angels, they were told no. Although the fund was set up to help all sick dogs, they would pick and choose which dogs they wanted to help.

Statement from Janet Lomita: Ms. Lomita had a habit, without permission, of walking sick dogs, screaming at vet techs and staff. She was probably here a total of two hours a week, at the most.

Statement of Jackie Flood. Jackie Flood was on the Board for three all that time, she never, ever expressed any concerns at any board meeting or with any board members. Ms. Flood accused a vet tech of killing a dog, and even after the autopsy report stated the dog died of bloat, she accused the vet of lying and demanded the vet tech be terminated immediately. After a full investigation by the board, her accusations were determined to be completely unfounded.

As far as her accusations of hoarding in the back rooms, Ms. Flood would never go into those areas since she was afraid of the dogs back there. She took a mother and puppy home for one day and brought them back because she was afraid of the dog. The only dogs she personally took to the vet were Dalmatians because that is her favorite breed.

Amy Rosen's Statement: Amy Rosen was a volunteer when Tri County took over the shelter from the City. There were problems with Ms. Rosen from the beginning. She would come in wearing vet tech scrubs and try to medicate and give shots without veterinary approval or experience.

Ms. Rosen became a board member, and at no time did she ever express any of these concerns at any board meeting or to any other board member. When Tri County was looking for an assistant director, Ms. Rosen wanted that position and was upset when she wasn't hired due to lack of experience. The Board was notified by kennel workers and vet techs that Ms. Rosen was causing problems. When she was told of a policy or procedure, her comment was that she was a board member and could do what she wanted to do. When these behaviors got out of control, the Board notified her that no one was allowed in the isolation trailer except kennel workers and vet techs. Also, Ms. Rosen was only at Tri County approximately 5-6 hours per week.

In addition, she had a lawsuit against her because her pit bull bit someone and she was afraid her insurance would not cover it. She asked Tri County to write a letter stating that her dog was not a pit bull, but a boxer mix, which Tri County refused to do.

Statement of Ann Casper: Ms. Casper adopted a dog by the name of Coco, which came from Miami. As she stated, Coco came with no records. On most stray or rescued animals, we do not receive records. Ms. Casper stated that no medical treatment was provided. However, we are happy to provide these medical records to anybody who wishes to see them. Ms. Casper has not been on Tri County's property for two years and volunteered approximately two hours per week. She said she personally witnessed people being turned away for adoptions for no good cause. This is interesting, since at no time did she ever volunteer behind the front desk, assist with adoptions or ever help verify approval applications. So how, we ask, would she know that we turned away good homes?

Statement by Pam Basinger-Evans: Regarding her statement about Rizzo medical records are available at Tri County.

Statement of Lisa Cavarretta: Regarding the dogs sent to the Sanctuary in Clewiston, she said she was there and it was horrible. How could she determine this when she went in the evening? When volunteers were asked to go to Clewiston to volunteer for the day to help build new dog houses and repair fencing, etc., they gave us statements, in letter form, stating that they all felt the Sanctuary was a much better place for the dogs that were un-adoptable than a 3 x 5 run, and that all the dogs there seemed very happy running free.
In Tri County's mission statement, it says we will never release any animal to any organization that has a policy of euthanasia not that we would not release the dogs to another rescue group which could provide a better situation for them than we can. Ms. Cavarretta adopted one of the green room dogs before she could be taken to the Sanctuary. The next day, she brought the dog back because she was afraid of keeping her in the same house with her baby.

Statement of Gillian Macaky: Ms. Macaky states that Mandy, Spot, Angel, Buddy, and Peggy had no medical care. All medical records are available at Tri County.

Statement of Alana Wheeler: Ms. Wheeler stated that she adopted a sick kitten from Petsmart and paid an $80 adoption fee. Tri County does not adopt animals out of Petsmart another humane society does. She also stated that Tri County does not administer pain medication for animals that are sterilized. On all medical records it states all dogs are given antibiotics and pain medication after sterilization.

Statement of Dr. Harold Friend: Dr. Friend stated that he donated $10,000 worth of stock for a puppy room. Suzi Goldsmith, Tri County's chairman of the board, attempted on numerous occasions to contact Dr. Friend after he publicly announced the money was to be for a puppy room and no puppy room was built. He would not return her calls. Ms. Goldsmith also tried to contact Mrs. Friend three times. She also did not return her calls. Finally, Dr. Friend's secretary did call Ms. Goldsmith. A letter was provided, which was sent in March of 2004, thanking him for his donation to help abandoned, abused and neglected animals. There was no mention in that letter of any puppy room. Nor, after receiving that letter, did Dr. Friend contact the board or the director disputing what the money was to be used for.

Statement of Caye Serling: Ms. Serling spends three hours per week at the shelter doing training classes for new volunteers. She even went so far as to tell new volunteers that they were here for the dogs and that they would not be appreciated (this is in her statement). What a negative comment to make to new volunteers!

She does not go into the rooms or walk the dogs (other than for training purposes). She has never helped with adoptions behind the front desk or verified information on approval applications, so how would she know that we are prejudice in our approval process? The only time she is behind the front desk is to use the Xerox machine.

When she adopted a mini daschund puppy from Tri County that was one of the puppies rescued from a puppy mill, that volunteers and staff spent hours and hours rehabilitating, Ms. Serling at no time helped in the process but was subsequently upset when she had to pay an adoption fee. When dogs were sent to the Sanctuary, she stated that it was hush-hush, which is an outright lie. All volunteers were informed that if they felt they could adopt any of the dogs in the green room, to do so within 30 days and there would be no adoption fee involved. The board felt that these dogs had not quality of life living in the green area with no chance of adoption because of numerous aggressive attacks.

She also stated that a dog came in pregnant and had puppies overnight and the vet techs did not even know she was pregnant. The puppies were born so prematurely that none of them lived.

She also stated that only in the past month have volunteers been allowed to bathe the dogs. We have sent out several e-mails to volunteers, and so far only four volunteers have bathed dogs.

Statement of Muriel Levine: Ms. Levine volunteered on Mondays and some Fridays for two hours each day. How can someone that is here for only two hours know so much of what goes on for eight hours a day? Ms. Levine states that the dogs in the green room are not walked until the afternoon. The staff walks the dogs throughout the day but do not use the volunteer close pin system. She mentions Buttercup. There have been three attacks in the past five years due to the negligence of volunteers.
Statement of "Anonymous Statement of Staff Members": This was not from staff members, but from one employee who had been terminated by Tri County who was on a personal vendetta and made up a list of lies. He even went as far as to go to the City Council meeting in his "staff" shirt to speak on behalf of the employees. When he saw that the assistant director was also present, he declined to speak when his name was called. Tri County has letters from current and past employees defending the charges against Tri County.

Statement of Pam Nisly: Ms. Nisly was employed by Tri County for a very short time as a vet tech. She was written up many times on employee corrective interviews before being given the choice to resign or be terminated by Tri County in August of 2004. She tried to dispense animal antibiotics to a volunteer who was bitten by a dog, which is illegal. She was called in to the director's office and told that medicine on Tri County's property cannot be given or sold for human consumption. She claimed ignorance on the law.

Statement of Karen Friend: Ms. Friend states that the old, sick, crippled dogs are stuffed in a back room and lay around in their own feces and urine. All of these older dogs are kept in their own front room, open for public viewing, in the lobby area.

She also states that dogs are covered in fleas and ticks and have worms. Unfortunately, that's how 90% of the dogs come to us. All animals are treated and have pages of medical records to back this up. Only vet techs and kennel workers are allowed in the isolation area in the trailer. Volunteers and other employees are prohibited from that area due to cross contamination. This is one of the reasons Amy Rosen was not allowed in that area. Vet techs and staff on many, many occasions have taken puppies and kittens home to bottle feed them every three hours until they are old enough to eat on their own.

Yes, Ms. Friend did volunteer here, along with dedicated supporter and five-year volunteer, Michele Kaufman. Most of the time they were here together, in the same areas. When I asked Ms. Kaufman if she had ever seen any of the horrific conditions that Karen Friend described, her answer was "Absolutely not". I am sure Karen Friend does have a love for animals, but anything and everything she did in and for the shelter, especially monetarily, she made sure everyone, staff and volunteers, were aware of.

No animal at Tri County has ever lingered, suffering, and died a slow death without medical treatment. Karen Friend also made statements that the mixed breed dogs that were here over 60 days should be euthanzied to make room for pure bred, more adoptable dogs. This has never been, nor will it ever be Tri County's policy.

Unfortunately, Tri County is not a 5-star doggie day care center or country the five years Tri County has been here, we have adopted out over 7,500 animals into good homes. Most of these animals were rescued from abuse, neglect and bouts of cruelty. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to use specialists or holistic vets as many volunteers deem appropriate, but no animal is ever left to suffer without medical treatment. We spend thousands of dollars every month on veterinary services, which does not include the cost for medicine. We also have a groomer who comes in twice a month to groom our dogs, and the staff is responsible (unless volunteers come in) to make sure the dogs are bathed. All dogs are treated monthly with heartworm preventative. Every cat and dog is treated with Frontline, Revolution or Advantage to control ticks and addition, our property is sprayed on a monthly basis by Ship Shape Pest Control.
We have hundreds of letters from volunteers and supporters that will contradict all statements made by the "Boca Animal Lovers." We will be more than happy to share all medical records and letters of support from volunteers who are here on a daily basis.

Please feel free to come and tour our facility and we will also be happy to share all the letters written about Tri County by the "Boca Animal Lovers."

The so called "Boca Animal Lovers, " who say they are only in this for the welfare of the animals, are threatening to report me to Palm Beach Animal Control because at times I have 12-14 animals in my care instead of the allotted 10. I take home mothers with nursing puppies, puppies that have to be bottle fed, and older sick animals that have to be nursed back to health. So, tell me, where is their real concern for the animals?
This is a witch hunt against myself and the Board of Directors, and the animals are last on their list.

Now that their slanderous tactics don't appear to be working, the "Boca Animal Lovers" are taking credit for the condition of Tri County. Tri County is the same well-run, clean organization it has always been. The only change recently is due to the fact that we no longer need a conference room for board meetings. The conference room has been made into a small area for puppies and smaller dogs, and that was a board decision.

Please tell all of your friends and acquaintances who care about animals the truth so that Tri County can continue the life-saving work that it has been doing for the past five years. Please encourage them to visit our Web site or call or visit the shelter. Our doors are always open, and we are happy to answer any and all questions they might have.

The following is a list of people who have written slanderous letters to the City Council about Tri County Humane Society that, due to lack of space and the redundancy of the issues, we did not answer to in this letter. These letters are available to be read and answered to at Tri County:

Barr, Cynthia
Board, Mary Jane
Brasem, Marjorie & Peter
Burrell, Janet
Cristello, James
Cristello, Moira
Daughton, Brigitte
Davis, Sandra
Fish, Judith
Hartney, Cathy
Hesse, Mary
Hinckley, Joe
Kessler, Rosemarie
Lambka, Iris
Nisly, Pam
Rudzitis, Joyce
Shachtman, Maureen
Siegel, Penny
Weiner, Jennifer

We are dedicated to our mission of saving and protecting animals, and we will not let the slanderous allegations of this self-centered group deter us from our lifesaving work.

The only slander here is written by a scared jeannette christos against these concerned, outraged, honest citizens of boca raton, florida. We demand justice.

Fire the lying racist thief jeannette christos


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