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Complaint / Review
Macomb County Circuit Court
Why are there no black judges sitting in office in Macomb County?

I have dealt with Macomb County Circuit court for quite some time now and not as a criminal either. This is probably the most poorly functioning courthouse I have ever seen. Go to their website at www.macombcountymi. Gov. You will notice that there are no black judges. Furthermore, most of the judges names are either Italian or Polish. There is one or two that I am uncertain about. Coincidence? Call it more than a coincidence. I might add that I am not black either.

If you know much about history as well as being old enough to remember, Macomb county is where many of the active members of the mafia use to live. Sterling Heights (Macomb County) was always a home for many gangsters, 30-40 years ago and may be now still. Stories of the existence of the mafia today, is nothing more than mere speculation at best. Personally, I still believe it exist at least to some degree.

It just seems more than bizarre, in today's melting pot that we live in, that there isn't at least ONE African-American judge out at Macomb County or a minority. I have witnessed many things out at Macomb County that indicate a lot of both prejudice and fraud.

I have had to file forms out a Macomb County only to have clerks tell me about typos and how it states something that is incorrect: LEGAL FORMS that give incorrect information. I have always found the filing clerks and other clerks to be more than helpful. Honestly, I have found them to know more about the law than the judges quite often but, of course, they are not lawyers and must tell you that they can not give out legal advice. And if you dare to question someone hire up, they will simply tell you that you are wrong and just drop it without even bothering to investigate.

Recently, I went out to Oakland County legal aide to ask for some assistance in dealing with some matters. When I explained to a lawyer out at Oakland County what my situation is, they are always amazed at what has taken place out at Macomb and how it was handled. One time, I was up for a Show Cause hearing with extenuating circumstances. I mind you, I have never had any problems with disobeying the court, etc. The lawyer out at Oakland County told me, "first of all, don't worry about going to jail. That is never going to happen." And I never even asked that question. Well, that is exactly what happened. I was held in contempt and given 30 days. Fortunately, I got help from family and was bailed out in a few hours. The judge wouldn't even allow me a few hours to come up with the money. Now what was the reason for that? Instead they stuck me in a cell with a guy that was up for a high profile murderer for a few hours until my family could call other relatives and ask to borrow some money.

It was clear that the judge knew different people in the courthouse and the whole thing was corrupt. I was appointed a court appointed attorney that was a complete joke. I question whether or not he had even gone to law school. I came prepared, documentation, etc. The judge makes a comment, that it was probably a forgery. I'm standing there thinking, "why don't you get off your ass or call a recess and check, if you think that.?" A time before that, after my ex's attorney knew that I didn't drive, the judge stands there quizzing me on how I got there and what route I took. Macomb County is like kindergarten.

Furthermore, the judges' clerks and secretaries NEVER have information on dates, or what has been filed or not filed. They lose papers, when it's convenient. I have also asked attorneys out at Oakland County legal aide what I need to do, and I am told exactly what to ask for and who to ask. Yet when I call the correct respective person, they know nothing. I have bounced from one judge to another throughout Macomb County and I haven't been convinced that any of them are on the up and up. It's a little club house out there and no one wants to step outside the box and do the right thing.

I have no law degree and have never pretended to. But, I'm a fairly bright guy, and on several occasions have had to state case law. I submit it to the court, in BLACK AND WHITE, and they come up with some BS; like I've missed a deadline or that it doesn't apply to my particular case. They will do anything to avoid a jury, as I have a pending civil case. Having a civil case would mean bringing in some every day HONEST people and that would disrupt their little harmony.

I have been in motion hearings where a referee or judge has known on a personal level either my ex-wife or a plaintiff filing suit against me, yet they will never recluse themselves from a particular hearing. As a matter of fact, I believe they even go so far as to assign a particular individual to a hearing on purpose. I really want to use names right now, including my own, but am restraining from doing so because that is not my purpose. My purpose is to bring scrutiny to Macomb County Circuit Court and individual finger pointing, I'm afraid will detract from that goal. Plus, it could bring about yet another defamation or slander case, which I just don't need right now.

The state needs to come in and investigate this court. The truth be known, I know why there are no black people sitting at the benches in Macomb, and I know why many of the judges have Italian and Polish names, and I know who they knew and what they did to get elected. But once again, I don't need another slander or defamation case against me. Since I would have to go before these same people that I accuse, it would be like slitting my own throat.

If someone knows a place or person I can direct my concerns with, it would be greatly appreciated. Please post, if you have even a comment.

Offender: Macomb County Circuit Court

Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Mt. Clemens
Address: 40 N. Main St

Category: Politics & Government


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