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Complaint / Review
Jefferson's Place Apartment in Irving
Scam... Roaches, rats, bed-bugs, foreigners, horrible mgmt

I will be leaving here soon. Maintenance informed me & who was attacked and sexually assaulted in Irving a few months back actually occurred at Jefferson Place. The rating below (yes recommendation) had to be posted by personnel at the property. I think over the course of my lease their pest/roach problem has gotten worse. Everyone I spoke to in my building (on my floor and the level beneath me) stated they also have a roach problen and when pest control come out the issue is still not resolved. I'm very clean and sprayed my apartment on a regular with Raid. They always return. One more important crucial detail there are rats on this property. I spoke with two tenants who actually heard running in their attic. To make a long story short their were rats in the attic that made their way into the apartments. So please take heed and do your research. I know the price is a plus but if you value your health, peace of mind, and sanity look elsewhere. Paying a few more dollars elsewhere to avoid the pest and rodents is worth it. As soon as my lease is up I am out of here.

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For me rats and roaches were secondary to the unbelievable noise conduit Jefferson Place was; I mean if someone above my head walked across their floor normally the heavy sound percussion would send me into an immediate rage. There is no peace when someone lives above your head due to the flimsy built floors and walls. And if your neighbors above have kids who are quite active then you are in for a "health destructive ride." And guess what, when you call the Irving Police Department to do something about all the noise that has enraged you after a hard day's work there going to respond by saying it's normal for kids to be hopping around above your head, "'deal with it.'" And they are right; it's not much they can do. You are stuck in a noise bucket. Further, I never will forget how that arrogant community manager treated me. After having gone through all the crap I've had to put up with given my background experiences it was SO HUMILIATING having someone like her, who often appeared incompetent and disconnected from Jefferson Place's community, lecture me on social skills. Jefferson Place Apartments (JPAs) is "not right" in many ways thanks to the people that runs its. Renters beware; all of these negative responses on this site about JPAs are not just fabrications. If you sign JPAs lease eventually you'll realize you're in a web of deceit with the community manager at the center of it. Of course if you pay all that's required of you with no complaints you may be spared from the community manager's indiscretions (bag of tricks) but then again, think about your sanity. THINK about your sanity. How much time will JPAs take off your life, 5 - 10 years?

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I saw the assault on the news it happened on the other end of Irving, not near the Las Colinas area. The apartments were off of Beltline, he followed her from the Walmart on 183. As far as the noise, goes, this fat dude sounds like he's gonna fall through the floor when he walks I can hear his every step. Called the cops they said in order for them to knock on his door, they have to actually hear him. I'm gonna call them back out and tell em' to come inside my unit next time and stand in the living room and they'll hear everything. One day he sounded like he fell on the floor I was like WTH!!! Idk know what the heck he be doin up there. So I agree the noise irks me walls very thin, but what do you expect from at 20 somethin yr old property. Then they paintin the driveways etc... Ok what about the rails these rails been chipped lookin like Christmas colors pretty soon they gone start rusting... How u gone take care of the ground before u do somethin to the "actual property"

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When I was given the keys, I went to see the empty apartment: I KILLED 3 ROACHES that day! It has gotten worse. They print out eviction notices like crazy, I had one waiting for me for $8, and another for $30 in late fees when their online payment service gave me a confirmation number on the 1st. I have 6 months left and I am considering breaking my lease its so bad! You hear when your neighbors are taking a shower, when they flush the toilet, their music, EVERYTHING! STAY AWAY!

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Offender: Jefferson's Place Apartment in Irving

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Irving
Address: 6306 North MacArthur Boulevard
Phone: 9725560601

Category: Miscellaneous


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