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The statement, Evidence and facts that I, Ronald P Boone JR am stating and supplying are true I was sold a lemon vehicle and feel dealership violated title 31 chapter 31-5.2 of the consumer enforcement of motor vehicle warranties. On Saturday, May 12,2012, I purchased a 1999 Ford Expedition from Vincent Akalarian, owner of C&L Auto Sales Inc. I discovered the following problems as soon as I began driving it home. The check engine light comes on and off intermittently, the air conditioning and heat is not working, the abs light and the suspension light comes on also, the brakes and shocks all around need to be replaced, the truck skips very badly when on the highway for a period of time, it's also in need of coil packs because truck keeps misfiring, the front drivers'
door lock needs to be fixed because only way to get in truck is with the battery operated remote or use the back hatch door, and climb over three two rows of seats to open door if battery dies, the front bumper looks like it’s going to fall off, and the sun roof makes noise When I try to open it. The left side view mirror is loose, and, shakes while driving, among many other issues. After discovering the magnitude of the previously stated problems, I turned around and brought it back to dealer for them to repair all of the issues, and for them to issue me a loaner vehicle until my truck's issues were repaired. I have two young children, and I would never risk their lives driving them in that vehicle. I was told by Jimmy the Sales Representative, to bring the truck back on Monday, May 14,2012, and at that time they will give me a loaner vehicle while they repaired my vehicle. On Monday, May, 14,2012, I brought the 1999 Ford Expedition back to C&L
Auto Inc., to be repaired. At that time, I was issued a Gray Buick Century with a check engine light on, I was told to put my New York plates on the Buick, but my plates were registered to another car which I had. I was told By C&L to put my plates on instead of the dealer plates. I questioned the decision of the dealership putting my NY plates on the vehicle in addition to the check engine light being on, and I was told by owner, Vincent Akalarian, that the car is fine the check engine light means nothing and I was given a piece of paper called a temporary loan of motor vehicle agreement and was told, if I get stopped by police, show them that paper and I will be fine and within the law. I took the loaner car home. When I woke up the next day getting ready for work on, Tuesday, May 15,2012, at 730am, the vehicle wouldn’t start, making me late for work. I called the dealer and the dealer's mechanic came to my home and tried to start the car with
no success. At that time they had the Gray Buick towed back to the dealership, then the dealer tried to give me a white Grand Am, which had a knocking engine sound, also the car was shaking. The Mechanic had trouble steering the Grand Am. I need transportation to get to work; I have children to feed and bills to pay. I later turned that loaner vehicle down and asked for another one. The entire staff tried many times to persuade me into taking that Grand Am, I would not take it. They gave me a red 2001 Volvo, and I noticed several lights were on including a check engine light. I brought these issues up to the entire C&L Auto Dealership staff including the owner. I was told it’s not an issue and I told him that's what he said about the Buck that he had to have towed from my house. Because I was losing money, and was several hours late for work again, I agreed to take the red Volvo and C&L Auto took my New York license plate which was registered
to my, 97 Mercedes Benz, and put it on a loaner vehicle. I asked why I can’t get a dealer plate. I was told I would be fine if I get pulled over Show the police the piece of paper that they provided, saying the dealership is responsible. I felt that wasn't legal and I also told Vincent and C&L that the Volvo had no inspection sticker, no inspection certification, no insurance, no registration. I had to leave for work and I was pushed into a corner to take this car with all of its complications. I was at risk of losing my job due to previous incidents involving my C&L Auto which caused my tardiness to the job. I went to work before they fired me. I was late numerous times and missed work twice dealing with this dealership and its' faulty vehicles. On Friday, May 18, I made a car payment to C&L Auto, and I also was told by Vincent Akalarian that the truck was repaired, and to drive it to check it out. I did just that, and I was not very
happy because the vehicle still wasn't repaired. Owner Vincent Akalarian tried to persuade me To take the vehicle in that condition and use the remote to get in the truck. If car battery dies, my Mom or girlfriend would need to use the key to enter the back door of the truck and climb over three rows of seats to open the door. I was told by Vincent Akalarian, that when the parts to the driver side lock came in they would let me know, and I told him I couldn't take the 1999 Expedition in that condition or have myself, my children, my Mom or girlfriend hop over rows of seats, but expressly, if the battery dies, I wouldn't be able to gain access to the vehicle. I told him I would keep the red Volvo until the truck is fixed, so I can drive to New York to transfer my New York plates and registration from my 97 Mercedes Benz, to the 99 Ford Expedition which I purchased from him. On Saturday, May 19,2012, the dealer's mechanic put oil in the red 2001 Volvo,
and said it was perfectly suited to drive to New York even though the warning lights were on, including the check engine light. I went on my way driving to Buffalo New York to make the 1999 Ford Expedition legal. My time is limited to perform this task and I need to be back to work on Monday, May 21st. While I was driving in New York State I learned that a state trooper was behind a toll booth running license plates. The trooper ran my New York plates, which were registered to my 97 Benz, not to the red Volvo loaner vehicle which C&L gave me. The Trooper pulled me over ran my driver’s license and took all the info including the VIN. I gave him the paper that Vincent Akalarian owner of C&L Auto told me to give anyone who stopped me. After the trooper ran the VIN, according to his findings the car wasn't registered as property of C&L Auto. He asked me to get out the car, and put my hands behind my back. I was handcuffed and Detained. I was
put in the back of the troopers SUV Squad vehicle. I told him the entire story what I had encountered over the past few days and, I gave him C&L's number to verify story with the dealership. Vincent Akalarian verified my story as the truth, that C&L gave me permission to register my vehicle in NY State, and that they put my NY plates (which were registered to another vehicle) on the loaner vehicle. The paperwork they gave me to show trooper was supposedly legal, so while I’m in the back of the troopers squad car handcuffed on my way to jail, I listened on the speaker phone to Vincent Akalarian owner of C&L Auto, being very disrespectful to the trooper adding, “this is how we do it here." The trooper said the vehicle wasn't legal on any grounds, and Vincent gave his client (me) a piece of paper which could have been printed off the Internet, because it has no Company letterhead. The trooper explained to Vincent, "the only person’s name
he could read was Ronald Boone, and you put this man in a bad position, and he is now on his way to jail because you were too lazy to put a dealer plate on the loaner vehicle." In addition, the trooper said, "also you seem to care more about your vehicle than your client Mr. Boone going to jail for something that is not his fault." The officer also stated that in addition to Mr. Boone going to jail, he is going to get five tickets costing him over a thousand dollars. The trooper also stated to Vincent Akalarian, that the vehicle will be impounded in New York until C&L can prove that C&L Auto owns the vehicle. I was released and I got a ride with the tow truck where the vehicle was impounded and I had to find my way home after I retrieved some of my items from the impounded car. I had to discard many of the items I had Brought with me because, I couldn't carry them with me because my transportation had been taken from me. I was suffering from a
tremendous amount of stress and shock. I could only think about my children having to experience this event with me. That would have been a disaster. Subsequently, I took a cab from the impound station to Rochester, NY, to the Greyhound bus station to Buffalo where I had planned to register the Ford Expedition. When I arrived in Buffalo, NY later that day. On May 19, I stayed at a family member's house, and started having bad chest pains; I couldn't feel the left side of my body. I was rushed to the hospital, where I was having tests ran on me the rest of the night. The report said, I had a tremendous amount of stress and I didn't have a heart attack however, they recommended I make an appointment for a stress test immediately and gave me a prescription for the test. They also suggested I try To stay away from stress in my life. After my stay at the hospital, I rested at my family's house on Sunday, May 20,2012. On Monday, MAY 21,2012, I had to pay a
friend to take me back to the impound location because in the hysteria I accidentally left my plates on the red Volvo. Then, I went to DMV to transfer my NY plates, registration and, etc., from the '97 Benz to the 1999 Ford Expedition. I had to catch a Greyhound to New York City and pay a friend gas money and toll money to drive me home to Providence, RI. If I missed another day of work, I would be fired. On Tuesday, May 22,2012, I called Vincent Agrarian, and he said truck will not be fixed until Wednesday, so I asked if I can get another loaner car because I no longer had a vehicle, so I can go to work, and Vincent Agrarian told me they have no loaner cars, and the part would not be in until Wednesday, May 23,2012. I had to pay more gas money to my friend From New York to drive me to work and my friend missed another day of work. On Wednesday, May 23, I called Vincent Agrarian, to make sure car was fixed and I was told part was still not in and
will not be in until Friday, May 25,2012. To avoid missing another day of work, and my friend from New York from doing the same, I told Vincent Akalarian of C&L Auto on the phone that I am on my way to pick the truck up now, and I will drive the truck in the condition it’s in, until he gets all the parts to fix the truck. I had to pay my friend from NY again to drive me to the dealer to pick up the Ford. When I arrived at the dealership with all the paperwork showing that the plates, insurance, and registration was paid and transferred to the 1999 Ford Expedition from my 1997 Mercedes Benz on Monday, May 21,2012. I checked the truck out and it still wasn't fixed! I remain extremely stressed, massive Lack of sleep, not happy. Vincent Akalarian asked me to come in the office, and he asked me to sign some paperwork, he had handwritten, stating that he is not responsible for the tickets I received while driving the red 2001 Volvo in addition, he
was not responsible for my financial losses, I told him no. Vincent Akalarian also said he can’t let me take the 1999 Ford Expedition (which I made legal and I am currently paying) I refused to sign this paperwork. At this time, I was very unhappy and extremely stressed, because I was running late for work again. I called the Warwick Police Department, and after several hours of my time spent there at C&L Auto the police officer, after several attempts by Vincent Akalarian sending messages through the police to get me to sign the letter the Warwick police officer called his superior after they realized I wouldn't sign the paperwork I was granted the keys to the truck and was late again missing three hours of work and money at work jeopardizing my employment I learned after I picked up a copy of the police report that Vincent Akalarian deliberately put false information on the police report, and I quote ". The officer learned that on an earlier
date when the deal was made for the vehicle and the paperwork was signed Boone has asked Akalarian if he could use a car to go to New YORK IN ORDER TO REGISTER HIS VEHICLE (false I kept the red Volvo loaner vehicle I didn't t want to take 99 expedition because It wasn't fixed and I didn't feel safe driving it long distance). HE INDICATED THAT HE was moving to New York and needed to register his vehicle in New York. Because it was a large suv Akalarian agreed to allow Boone to use a loaner vehicle for the trip to Buffalo NY (false again I stay in Providence RI and just didn't change my license or plates yet and I didn't take 99 ford expedition because It wasn't fixed and I didn't feel safe driving to buffalo NY in it). According to Akalarian all the necessary paperwork, registration, and insurance was present with the vehicle. Akalarian stated that a few days later he spoke with Mr. Boone who advised that he was in state of NY he had been pulled over by
a NY state police officer for a traffic violation and while he was pulled over the NY state trooper indicated that the vehicle was improperly registered and subsequently impounded the vehicle. Boone provide the tickets he had received for the initial traffic infraction as well as an unregistered and uninsured vehicle" (This is partly false there is one piece of paper present and that was the paper I was given by owner of c&l auto Vincent Akalarian called a temporary loan of motor vehicle agreement nothing else was present not even inspection stickers on windshield, also I called Vincent several times leaving numerous messages about my situation and I have no car or way home same day I was detained handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol car by the NY state trooper I also had my friend call after I did and Vincent from c&l picked up the phone and I was told very rude to my friend and showed no compassion and offered no solution or help trying
to me home the only thing he seem to care about is the red Volvo that was impounded then he hung up on my Friend was pulled over because of my license plate being ran, I received five tickets which I need to appear in a Rochester NY court June 18,2012 missing yet again two more days of work and spending over $300 in gas and tolls round trip, money I can’t afford with two kids) It is June 26 and I call C&L Auto every week leaving messages asking when can I bring the truck in to get repaired with no respect for me as a customer. They are still ignoring my phone calls and letters I send with a payment every week asking them when are they going to repair the issues with the vehicle. The only time I would get a call was to remind me that a payment is due. When I called them thinking they took the car after it was towed from my house because my residential parking sticker wasn't ready because I kept switching cars due to C&L Auto's misgivings. All
I want is satisfaction and to be treated like a good paying customer and that my business is valued. I want C&L Auto to treat me like I see them treat Caucasians. I want a legal loaner vehicle which runs well. I want speedy repairs on my Ford Expedition. I want my vehicles to be safe for me and my family members I'm driving vehicle out of desperation and I have no other choice now I can only drive a certain speed on highway before it starts SKIPPING that's when I slow down many times getting in the slow lane. I am a peaceful man of faith and I only want that which I rightly deserve. I want to be the best person I can be and to raise my children with love and respect for others. If C&L Auto is not willing or able to repair my Ford Expedition properly, I would like to be reimbursed when I return the vehicle. I would like to be reimbursed for all Payments and costs related to this fiasco. The payments I have made on the purchase of the vehicle
including the $500.00 down payment. I want to cancel my payment agreement with C&L Auto. The tickets I received in New York, time missed from work for me and my friend. The money it cost me to get transportation back to RI and back to work. I want to be reimbursed for the entire Hospital bills I accrued in Buffalo, NY. I have no health insurance at this time. If I don't hear from C&L very soon, I will have to involve everyone I'm instructed to contact to get justice before I involve my attorney. As I stated in numerous letters, and voice mails to C&L Auto, I would like to settle this matter in a diplomatic manner.
Desired Outcome/Settlement
Desired Settlement: Repair
I want the repairers made ASAP and be givena legal great running loaner car with dealer plates on it while repaires are being made and If C&L Auto is not willing or able to repair my Ford Expedition properly, I would like to be reimbursed when I return the vehicle. I would like to be reimbursed for all Payments and costs related to this fiasco. The payments I have made on the purchase of the vehicle including the $500.00 down payment. I want to cancel my payment agreement with C&L Auto. The tickets I received in New York, time missed from work for me and my friend. The money it cost me to get transportation back to RI and back to work. I want to be reimbursed for the entire Hospital bills I accrued in Buffalo, NY. I have no health insurance at this time. If I don't
hear from C&L very soon, I will have to involve everyone I'm instructed to contact to get justice before I involve my attorney. As I stated in numerous letters, and voice mails to C&L Auto, I would like to settle this in a diplomatic manner I just learned that c&l auto in providence RI committed fraud against me by signing my name on documents I never signed and they also lie to different agencies saying they were always ready to fix the issues I had with the truck I purchased I been asking for repairers to bee done since I drove off the lot and I keep getting the run around with them saying next week from may 19 till now August 11 Th 2012 I have not been able to get the the issues fixed just loss of alot of money and maybe a job also I'm scared to continue to drive the truck because of the may safety issues I asked them to fix that almost cost me my life two times at this point I want a full refund and of what I paid on truck and other monetary damages asap

Offender: C&L Auto in Warwick RI

Country: USA   State: Rhode Island   City: Warwick   ZIP: 02888
Address: 715 Warwick Ave
Phone: 4014671200

Category: Miscellaneous


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