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Complaint / review text:
Michael Schoeff and his entire staff should have criminal charges pressed against them in animal cruelty.
My personal experience has been a complete nightmare from the moment I received my diseased and sickly puppy. He was sent to my local airport and from the moment I took him out of his crate, I knew something was terribly wrong with him. Aside from the fact that he was clearly not the dog in the picture we saw online, our concern at that moment was the health & well-being of the dog in our care.
He was wheezing, coughing and sounded like he was having trouble catching his breath. His fur was matted & filthy & he simply could not stop shaking. My husband and I knew he needed to eat, consume water and be cleaned immediately.instead of driving 5 hours home as we had planned, we immediately rented a pet friendly hotel room & spent the entire night up with him, pampering him & comforting him as it as clear he was a very scared little puppy. I contacted the company (AffordablePup) & requested a nebulizer as they basically forewarn their customers on their site that their puppies will probably arrive with an upper respiratory infection. We should have known from reading this that this was not a reputable place to buy a puppy from but we were assured by their "smooth talking" salesmen that he was healthy... Ofcourse they would say anything to sell these sickly little animals... Their motivations like most affiliated with puppymills are by money & nothing else. When our concern was expressed that this was not infact the picture of the puppy we chose online, we, ofcourse were told otherwise by the now arrogant voice on the other line. Once they had our money, there was no need to be nice.
Needless to say, we never received a nebulizer not that it would have mattered. This dog had every condition under the sun and was without question, the most ill animal I have ever come into contact with. From an enlarged heart (which was discovered thru x-ray), to a collapsing trachea, this poor little pup had it. Over the time we had him, he was at the vets at least every 2 weeks. Every single time I tried to contact affordablepup, or their owner directly, my calls were either not answered or messages left were ignored completely.
I did get Michael Schoeff on the phone one time & I was in complete shock that this was infact someone who is legally allowed to own any sort of animal. I wouldn't trust this man with a goldfish, let alone a canine.
He was beyond condescending, offering no compensation for my veterinary bills even though the puppy's vet procedures involved the numberous congenial defects I should have had covered by AffordablePup, thru my 1 year warranty against these things. I was so fed up by this point, I could have screamed. Talking to this man is like walkin around in circles... You get nowhere. He told me that he would not re-imburse ANY of my vet bills as "all vet's are f*#%#* stupid."
I could not believe my ears. He said he had more knowledge of dogs than any vet out there. His audacity was beyond me... To actually say that veterinarian's had no clue what they were doing & he did. Is that how he explains all the negative reports of sick dogs against him and his company??? He told me to send the pup back for a full refund & when I agreed, he began a series of questions about his illness and in the end, decided that I should not send the puppy back until he was eating better, etc... Well, that was the end of my communication with Michael Schoeff. From that point, he has never returned any of my phone calls or emails. He WILL NOT address anything I have said or continue to say in my messages so this report was my last option...
We tried for 4 months to treat any and all of his ailments and have spent nearly triple the money on vet bills than what we paid for the puppy. We have 3 other Yorkies, all bought from reputable breeders and not one of them has had a single health issue. If you ar, after reading any of this, have even the slightest desire to buy an animal from these monsters, please contact me and I would be more than happy to provide you with contacts of actual breeders who take care of, love, and actually stand behind their animals...
Now for the horrible conclusion of my report against this company:
Our sick little dog, even with the absolute best vet health care, succumbed to his many maladies only 10 short days ago. I have tears in my eyes writing this as he was loved by everyone, including my 2 year old daughter who does not understand where her puppy has gone... This company needs to be shut down... Since his death, ALL of my emails and phone calls have gone unanswered and ignored... Though this does not suprise me, as I stated before, once AffordablePup has your money, you DO NOT EXIST. My husband wants to file a lawsuit against Michael Schoeff and AffordablePup but I am so devastated, I just want to receive my compensation & leave this whole horrible experience to rest.
My dealings with AffordablePup have left myself and my family in a terrible emotional state. The most tramatic part of this is that our puppy died at 6 months of age and didn't, in our opinion, even have a chance to live. He spent most of his life in treatment or sick. I miss him so much and will continue to grieve but also feel a sense of relief knowing that he is no longer suffering.
Please Please Please DO NOT purchase a dog from all honesty, I don't even know why the company is called AffordablePup... Majority of their dogs are MORE EXPENSIVE than pups bought from actual upstanding and reputable breeders!!!

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