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First National Membercard - CCA - CCS
Ben Wilson - MRE Inc. Lying cheats, still up and running after lawsuit and closing down company

Hello I am a former employee with this company and just wanted to let you all know that after a lawsuit filed by Bank Of America, and by some of its clients, This company was to shut down its operations and close its doors permantently, yet this company still stays open and is activating cards and taking peoples money, and more, yet it is NOT CLOSED... The owner got rid of alot of people that worked there by having his employees find some way somehow to find a reason to fire people, not to mention he did alot of other things in the company that made him money. All of us taht have worked their know taht he is lying and cheating people out of money to make a profit for himself by charging for products more than what he should be charging than what you could find cheaper at wal-mart or the mall, or other fine stores. Not to mention he also owns a check cashing company that lies to you as well when you sign up for them, when I was there we told the people taht they ask for you to send in a blank voided check, along with the cash on demand authorization form that comes with 2 catalogs, but when I noticed a page from the customer service dept. Based on the cash on demand form and card they ask for alot more such as your SS#, Your W-2 from the year for the amount you made for all of the year before, your VIN# for your vehicle, a bank acct. Statement of your bank, and some other things that do not need to be needed for a check cashing company. Come on now we all know that all this man is trying to do is make money but he does not need to rip off people to do it nor charge a $199.99 activation fee nor charge up to $400 after that activation fee for benefits or annual fee. As a former employee I was appalled to work there but I had no choice but to do it, as I have a family to support, I do appologize to all the people that I had to lie to while I was there and I am grateful to know that tthere is this site to be able to let you all know what really goes on there, when I get a chance I am goin to post 2 scripts that I had to read for people who called in and I wish I had more to show such as some of the prices that they were charging for some of the products. I only wish that the company was really shut down but alas, as I stated earlier they are not, simply as though that myself and a few other former employees know that they MAY change their name or possibly close down, as the last word we heard is that they are leaving the people there for now in case they reopen their doors. Bank of America may have lost the lawsuit but they sure scared the owner of the company but not enough to do a permanent shut down on him if he is still up and running. So to let you all know that this company is still activating cards and taking peoples money is wrong. Oh and not to mention to add a little side note they company does not like sexual harrasment acts in the company but boy does it go a long way in there, One gentleman in the company took out an employee one night then threatened her job by telling her that in order for her to advance in the company she was to sleep with him, she left the next day as she was fired for not sleeping with the man, now she filed a lawsuit against him and the company but of course the man denies it all and then on top of that, he does it again to another female employee of the company and STILL gets away with it. So you tell me whats goin on with the company and the people that they hire there or put in charge of other employees.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Offender: First National Membercard - CCA - CCS

Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas
Address: 2804 W. Sahara
Phone: 7027342184

Category: Miscellaneous


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