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HSIComcast Comcast and their False Advertisements

First of all when I signed up with Comcast, they had that $33 per service such as home phone, internet and cable with no contract. When I signed up that day the lady asked me which city I lived in and she told me that in my area the home phone service was not available which I didn't care I only wanted the internet and cable. I ended up finding out that its not $33 for the internet they had slapped on an extra 3 dollars without me knowing and charged me for service that they said they charge when and if a customer had damaged the comcast property such as modem etc.

I was having problems with my internet, my cable would be okay but my internet was interrupted so when I called Comcast they told me they were sorry for the inconvenience and they were trying to fix the outage. This outage happened atleast 3 times a week. I was so frustrated because I couldn't start up my home business like I could which was dependent on internet, so I demanded them to either discount my bill because they charge way too much for services.

When the problem kept occuring with the internet I kept calling Comcast and besides their rude reps they asked me if I wanted someone to come and see whats up with the connection? I had said yes. The rep told me that this is something they have to tell everyone for service that If they found out the modem has been damaged on my behalf or abandoment if it fell in water or etc I'd be charged $49.95 I told them my Modem has been sitting up high where there is no way anything could have happened to it.

When the techs came out to check out the connection they asked me who came to connect the modem and etc. I said someone that came in their own truck (not comcast truck) I seen those two guys looking startled at the way the cable was set up they even said out of their own mouth look like he was doing a half fast job. Anyway they ended up changing the modem and giving me better cables for better connection. The interruption problem don't really occur like before.

A few months later Comcast keeps calling and telling me about my bill being late so I looked online to see what I owe and I seen it was more than what its suppose to be. I looked at it and not only did they raise the internet up $3 more but they had charged me $49.95. I called them up and asked why is the internet $36 instead of $33 he said the modem cost $3 dollars more. I argued with him and said why did it not state that in the advertising? And I asked about the $49.95 and he said oh thats because of the techs going out to fix your connection. I was pissed and said I was to IF the Damage was done on my part you all were going to charge me not because the techs came out to check out the connection because youre guys service sucks!

After arguing with him for a moment he did say he was going to remove it as a complimentary for now, but we usually charge $1 a month for the service protection. I declined that because I felt that was bologna. Funny though When I went back on to pay my bill that $49.95 wasn't removed they still had it on my bill.

Im about through with Comcast not only do they have inexperienced Techs they also have snotty rude customer service reps. That needs to be trained right!!! Im ready to Sue this Crappy cable company

Offender: Comcast

Country: USA   State: California   City: Hayward
Address: 23525 Clawiter RD
Phone: 8009452288

Category: Miscellaneous


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