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Ultimate Technologies - Kirby
Ultimate Technologies kirby vacuum cleaners' deceptive employment ads, stealing from Wal-Mart, reckless driving, forceful intrusion ripoff

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These events took place at the end of october 2006.

I was new to Knoxville at the time and was seeking a job. I called the number for this place and they told me they had positions for set-up and display, customer service, management, etc. I decided to give it a shot and I applied. I had no idea what I was in for. Note: I was in the same group as Christopher, who also has a report about Ultimate technologies on this site. Please read it as it is 100% accurate. I was in the van the same day as Christopher and all of those claims are true.

The exterior of the building had Mowhawk Carpet painted on it, and the sign also said the same. I thought I was going to be selling carpet or something, but I was wrong.

I learned a lot in the few days I was "employed" there, nothing I would want to remember other than that job sucks. The moron they had answering the phone said he was promoted from selling vacuums to his position as a secretary. He's trained, apparently, to say set-up, customer service, all of those things to try and get recruits. He said he had a chopper, a race car, took lots of hot women out to clubs, made a ton of money, etc. This was all a lie.

A vacuum saleswoman who had been there a little while said it was all crap and he was making $8.00 an hour because he got demoted. She also said that she got the job by answering an ad in the Knoxville News Sentinel that said "Must like loud music." I still see the same ad just about every week when I look in the jobs section. Where do you get loud music out of selling vacuums? Those ads are now appearing on online employment sites, such as Yahoo hot jobs.

I tried door-to-door for two days. The first day, I got there at 9:30 am. We loaded up a van full of salesmen and saleswomen. The salesman I had to watch demo vacuums was a typical salesman. We were in one house and I could tell the young couple didn't want us there. They had a baby and the mother was also going to college full time while working. We demoed for a little while and they asked us to leave several times but my "teacher" wouldn't leave.

When the salesman finally packed up, he also took back the can of Febreze, the "complimentary gift for letting us demo." The man was not happy. We waited outside for about half an hour to 45 minutes until the "crew leader" came by to pick us up. We got back to the office at 11:00 pm. The next morning, the upset gentleman had left a message in the office saying how rude the salesman was and how upset he was that he let them into his house and they took back the free gift. The workers in the office laughed it off and so did the salesman who was supposed to be my "teacher."

On the second day I was there, I arrived at 9:30 am like they had asked me to, but I had to wait alone for 45 minutes to an hour until everyone else strolled in. We loaded up in a van with 8 people and stopped at wal-mart. That is where the driver, or "crew leader" stole items. I was at the register with Christopher when the cashier told us he just stole AGAIN.

So, we quietly went back to the van and drove to Greenville, quite a drive from Knoxville. He was speeding a lot on the highway, swirving in and out of lanes, playing with his cell phone, flat out reckless and dangerous. We almost rolled the van at one point because the driver was on some dirt crossroad and was going excessively fast around a sharp, downhill turn. The back tire was a mere inches from sliding off a ditch. He frequently got lost and had no idea where he was going.

I eventually got to do one demo. It was an elderly couple. The wife was on an oxygen machine 24/7 and the husband was a Korean War veteran. I tried to demo the stupid vacuum for a little while but I stopped. I just was talking to the nice, friendly couple until the "crew leader" came back to check on me. He didn't care less about what the people were like, just whether or not they were buying the vacuum. Then he told me I didn't do my job properly (like barge into their bedroom to show them the stupid mattress cleaner). I was finished selling vacuums.

So we drove around the Greenville area all day and night, dropping off the other salespeople to try and sell the stupid, overpriced vacuums. The whole time, from start to end, the whole "crew" was blasting rap music, which I guess was the loud music the ad was referring to.

I personally do not like rap at all, and neither did Christopher, so the whole trip was really miserable. Also, there were two salespeople who were just about making out in the seat in front of me. They were all over eachother. I found this pretty disgusting. We got back to the office at midnight and was exhausted. I gave them back the stupid dirt meter thing they wanted me to use and never looked back. I was finished, with less money than when I started and no paycheck to look forward to.

My experiences at Kirby or Ultimate technologies was terrible. I wasted the little money I had to buy food for the road. I also wasted a lot of my time for a pointless cause. The sales practices are poor. They show up and throw a cheap can of Febreze at their targets and tell them they can keep it for letting them do a demo. They take it away if they are cut short of the "full demo." They push their way into peoples homes and try and throw numbers and techniques at people to try and convince them to drop $2,000 on a vacuum. It's totally bogus as a job.

I hope this report discourages people from working for this stupid company as well as discourages people from buying these overpriced vacuums and supporting this stupid company. My advice: put a "No Soliciting" sign on your property.

knoxville, Tennessee

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Offender: Ultimate Technologies - Kirby

Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Knoxville
Address: 5611 Merchants Center Blvd
Phone: 8656864725

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