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Kirby Company (Vacuum Cleaners)
Ultimate Technologies (James Chosie) ALL of these companies are deceptive and operate ILLEGALLY!

When I started working for Ultimate Technologies, I was young and naive. A very dangerous combination out there in the real world. Anyways, like most people, I was fooled into thinking I could make enough money to support my family. With promises of $1600 a month, bonuses, trips, the works; I was enticed. Not to mention I am ...

Ultimate Technologies
Ripoff, Con-Man Artists And Dirty/Shady Deals I was lied to on nearly eve3ry question I posed during my so-called "interview" and completely mislead into sacrificing two weeks of 10-12 hour work days (6 days a week) for absolutely NO pay whatsoeve

My so-called "Employer" was Ultimate Technologies located at 5611 Merchant Center Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37912-3460, Owner: James Chosie, Kirby Vacuum - Factory Authorized Reseller I was out of work and answered a newspaper ad which advertised that I was guaranteed a min. Of $800 every two weeks ($1,600/month min.). I was ...

Ultimate Technologies - Kirby
Ultimate Technologies kirby vacuum cleaners' deceptive employment ads, stealing from Wal-Mart, reckless driving, forceful intrusion ripoff

These events took place at the end of october 2006. I was new to Knoxville at the time and was seeking a job. I called the number for this place and they told me they had positions for set-up and display, customer service, management, etc. I decided to give it a shot and I applied. I had no idea what I was in for. Note: I was ...