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I went to wash my car before I knew it they have scanned my
car registration. They didn't have any sign outside warning the customers that if i wash my car at this place my car registration will be scanned. When I asked the worker that he scanned my registration why he did it he told me to speak to the person on the register when I pay.
I went inside to pay the lady at the register. I asked her why you are you scanning my registration, no one asked me if I want my registration to be scanned. I told her I don't want any one to know my personal information my name where I live etc. She told me we keep the plate number only come around the counter and you will see the computer screen we have the plate number only. I went around the counter and I saw my plate number only. I told her why you need to keep my plate number this is a personal information I'm here to wash my car I don't need any one to know my plate number or any of my information yes i see on this computer my plate number but I don't know what information you have on other computer. She told me do you want to speak to the manager? I told her yes please.
She called the manager he came.
How can i help you?
why you are scanning my car registration I'm here to wash my car, we can't do any think any more these day before you get our personal information?
We are not taking you personal information don't worry we are not doing anything illegal.
well I'm not a lawyer to know if it is illegal or not I don't want you to scan my car registration, my plate is my personal info and I don't know what info you have about me in the computer in your office.
Oh we have been doing this for the past three years and you have been here five times.
oh thank you for letting me know that that is why i don't want you to scan my car registration why you don't have a sign outside letting the customers know that if they wash their car here their car registration will be scanned. Why why you don't have the sign outside.
We can take you information from our computer don't wary
we don't have any information about you any more. We keep the plate number to give points.
I didn't sign for any points and no one told me if i want point.
Here the manager starts talking with a loud voice.
Anything else
yes I want to know why you don't have a sign outside or why you don't tell the customer before you scan the registration.
If you don't like it don't come back i took out your information and don't come back are we done?
I'm not coming back but not sure if we are done.
What are you going to do what tell me.
I didn't answer him i got in my car and left.
I called 311 they told me i should call on Monday to speak to the department of corporate complain or consumer affair.

Country: USA   State: New York   City: Brooklyn   ZIP: 11209
Address: 9233 4th ave
Phone: 7187459016

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