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I bought the NutriBullet in June or July. It’s an OK product and does what it says it will do…namely turn fruit and vegetables into an easily consumed and digested liquid. I use it on a regular basis, although in truth it doesn’t work any better than my blender. But that’s not my a moment of weakness I purchased a powdered supplement from NutriBullet called Vitality Superboost that promised to “Supercharge your NutriBlast with Potent, all-natural ingredients from around the world”, and also apparently enrolled in their auto-ship program. I hate auto-ship programs, and when forced to enroll in a program to purchase a product, always cancel immediately after placing my order. I’m an adult. I know when to reorder a product when I need/want it, and don’t need anything arriving on my doorstep unannounced. This is where the problem started.

For the record, the Vitality Superboost is awful. It doesn’t “Supercharge” my Nutirblast in fact, the only thing it does it thicken my shake, and makes it taste like I’ve added sawdust. I definitely didn’t want a reorder. So when a package arrived on my doorstep, I called their Customer Service phone number to request a refund authorization, and got a busy signal. Again and again. This went on for several days until I finally decided to email them and explain the problem. They immediately emailed me back and said they would take me off the auto-ship, but if I read the back of my invoice, the product is not refundable after it’s been shipped. If I had any questions I should call 1-855-346-8874, the same number that is constantly busy and no one ever answers. I tried calling again, but this time called the phone number to order the product thinking maybe they could transfer me to customer service. Someone answered the phone immediately, said he couldn’t help me or transfer my call, and the only thing I could do was keep trying.

So I tried again. This time I got a recording saying “Your wait time will be extensive. But we’ll call you back when someone is available.” No time frame…just “when someone was available.” (At least the cable guy gives you a time frame.) Anyway, a couple of hours later I got a call back, wasn’t sitting next to the phone, and got a message to the effect “Sorry we missed you…we have no way of calling you again so you have to call back and get back in the line.” Which I did, and missed the next call back 2 ½ hours later. I guess they expect you to put everything on hold and just sit by the phone until they get around to you. But I tried a 3rd time, and this time got a message to the effect “Sorry, our system is full and we won’t be able to call you back. Try again some other time.”

This is their idea of customer service. Do they really have so many complaints about their product they can’t handle their customers? If they really have so many complaints and they’re really interested in their customers, why not add some more please in that department to take the calls. They spend a lot of money on infomercials, and know how to take your money…that department answers on the 2nd ring. But providing service for their existing customer? Not interested.

I want a refund and hope to resolve the issue here without having to go to the social media sites and writing another complaint about their customer service. Yes, I may have inadvertently enrolled in their auto ship program. Who among us hasn’t hit a wrong button when ordering online, or forgotten to uncheck a box. I’ve never even opened the box the Vitality Superboost sawdust came in. If they answer this complaint and give me the 1-855-346-8874 to call, we’ll know they never read my problem and just answer with a prewritten reply.

The bottom line…don’t do business with this company if you think you might need customer service. It doesn’t exist!

Offender: Nutribullet

Country: USA   State: California   City: Los Angeles   ZIP: 90025
Address: 11755 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1150
Phone: 3109967200, 8553468874

Category: Miscellaneous


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