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Barnes & Noble
Store Coupon terms are misleading

Until the beginning of this month, I had no trouble using the "percent-off-one-item" store coupons to purchase magazines at a local Barnes & Noble store, since I don't often buy books. However, earlier this month, I was bluntly told by the cashier when she went to use it that it wasn't eligible, but I replied that this is not ...

Gift cards
Barnes and Noble

I was given gift cards for Barnes and Noble which I tried to use online only to discover that online purchase is limited to "NOOKbooks" this was annoying since this information is not shared at the time of purchase. I live 50 miles from the closest Barnes and Noble, do not have a drivers license and my husband is a long haul ...

Readers Digest

I received two bills now from Reader's Digest stating I owe $31.36 for two books they say I ordered which I did not! I returned both books (Vol 1 &2) Crossfire about 2 months ago and have not recieved any confirmation that they recieved the returned books. I also included a letter telling them I did not order these books and to ...

BBV Discount Books

Buyer beware - if a deal looks to good to be true, it typically is. I bought a book for my neice for $5 and unknowingly entered into a "bookclub membership" that cost me $40.00 in membership costs! I wish I had checked with this site before buying the book. What a rip off!! ...

Jerry Baker
Payment Attempt

I have been trying to reach a payment place but it comes up with all kinds of different addresses none of which include paying for book. Do they not want payment, or are they not a legitimate company.? I did not have any problem when I paid gor a previous book, but now appears to be chaos unlimited. They claim $5 will be placed ...