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Literary Guild
Disputed final charges

I joined the book club 2 years go and never heard from them again. Frankly, I forgot all about them. Then, they said since I never ordered any books I didn't meet the commitment and they would bill me full retail for three books. When I complained, they sent me an offer to order 2 books instead of three. I had already ordered ...

Late delivery of subscriptions

I ordered a whole series of magazine subscriptions through Amazon in April. That was 5 months ago, still not one has been delivered. The whole point of buying magazines is that they are current and when I subscribed I expected to get a monthly delivery. To date I have none but have been informed that I will get 5 issues in ...

Moola 4 Books
Slow payment process

WARNING TO ALL WHO SELL BOOKS ONLINE: They might give good quotes on pricing but the payment process takes 8-9 weeks. Do NOT sell books to this site. MOOLA4BOOKS is the last place anyone would want to sell his or her books. They get your books, and after emailing them daily for several weeks, you may or may not receive payment. ...

Barnes & Noble
Store Coupon terms are misleading

Until the beginning of this month, I had no trouble using the "percent-off-one-item" store coupons to purchase magazines at a local Barnes & Noble store, since I don't often buy books. However, earlier this month, I was bluntly told by the cashier when she went to use it that it wasn't eligible, but I replied that this is not ...

Gift cards
Barnes and Noble

I was given gift cards for Barnes and Noble which I tried to use online only to discover that online purchase is limited to "NOOKbooks" this was annoying since this information is not shared at the time of purchase. I live 50 miles from the closest Barnes and Noble, do not have a drivers license and my husband is a long haul ...

Readers Digest

I received two bills now from Reader's Digest stating I owe $31.36 for two books they say I ordered which I did not! I returned both books (Vol 1 &2) Crossfire about 2 months ago and have not recieved any confirmation that they recieved the returned books. I also included a letter telling them I did not order these books and to ...