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Complaint / Review
National Health Partners, Inc. Carexpress National Health Partners, Inc. Unwanted Membership @ $39.95/month Horsham, Pennsylvania?

This is an UPDATED REVISED version after some investigation:

Subject: unwanted charges on my credit card

CAREXPRESS / AKA National Health Partners, Inc.

I noticed a lot of "wanted" charges on my September credit card statement from four different membership companies... None which I applied for.

One of them was from Carexpress @$39.99/month charge that also appear on my September and October fact, these are 5 different unwanted charges from 5 different membership type companies with monthly membership charges deducted out of my credit card starting on my September visa card statement all posted within 1 -2 days from each other. After careful investigation, it seems that came from my last mail order charge (that same day posting) from a internet company that I ordered some items from. They did asked me to try a Discount membership for 30 days for FREE and I would get 20% off my order... Which I agreed to by phone and they said our conversation was being recorded (which I didn't mind) and the costs is only $14.95/month. When they asked me if I agree to discounts in travel, health, hotels, beauty, coupons, discount movie tickets, etc. I said, "why not... It's only $14.95/month membership and I get 30 days free and if I want to extend it, it'll be only $14.95 and I can cancelled at any time. A lot of people dont remember conversations after they hang up the phone but I have a very good memory of this one. After youd placed your order by phone and you want to decide to take the offer of a 30 day FREE membership, you are transferred to another person who will VERBALLY sign you up for the 30 day FREE membership. The person will informed you that the conversation will be recorded (which most people will say its O.K.). He/She asked a question and you answered. (Like your name, your address, tell you about the MEMBERSHIP (not pluraljust singleMEMBERSHIP). What really happened was that they don't tell you is that the travel, health, hotel, vacation, beauty, coupons are all offers for memberships to DIFFERENT organizations, EACH one of these companies have their own membership fee that will be billed to your credit card. Its really tricky how this recording was done. Every time they asked a question, you hear a click and then you answer the question. Some questions are sort of confusing or vague so you normally will start asking for more information, the person on the other end will come back on, saying, Just answer YES or NO, then they will asking the answer again and you will hear a click. Each one of those questions are transferred and molded later toward a particular membership company and sent over to them. The original mail order company that you FIRST officially ordered your merchandize from transferred you over to the FREE MEMBERSHIP for 30 days department and these people in the FREE MEMBERSHIP department passed over your recorded agreement along with on your CREDIT CARD number to all these OTHER "membership" agencies. Thats how they were able to your credit card number and that's how they are STILL ABLE TO KEEP on charging on your card. Thats how all the different charges are on your credit card statement from companies you never heard of. When you called these companies up, their representative all claim that they have a recording of your conversation and the verbal agreement which no doubt they probably do have it. But its an altered version of it with only YES or NO answers which can be fit into any questions asked. I think this is HOW it was done. CAREXPRESS aka as National Health Partners, Inc. May not be aware of how these memberships are obtained.

CAREXPRESS... $39.95 / month membership: 1-888-635-9532 (Horsham, Pennsylvania) AKA National Health Partners, Inc.: 120 Gibraltar Road, Ste 107, and Horsham, PA 19044. The President/CEO is David M. Daniels, graduate of Georgia Military Academy, University of Houston, and Finance. Alex Soufflas, Chief Financial Officer/Exe. Vice President and is an attorney specializing in public/private securities offerings, mergers & acquisition, contract t Duane Morris LLP, He's got a acct from Purdue University, juris doctor from Boston College Law School. Patricia S. Bathurst is Vice President. Horsham, Pa is a REALLY small town of 14,842 with 90% white, 3.79% Afro-American, 4.34%, Asian. 98% other. The whole town is 5 miles square (14.2 Km2). There are only 5 -7 major companies doing business in that town: Centocar, a Johnson & Johnson affiliate; Nutrisystems Corporate Headqurters, Bejmin Obduyke, building material manufacturer since 1868, Motorola Mobility and Toll Brothers, a Home building-residential / Commercial Luxury Homes since 1967. You have charges on your credit card, first, I was felt it must have been a mistake so I approach CAREXPRESS by calling up the phone number listed on the credit card statement: 1-888-635-9532... And before I start my inquiry by being really nice and to get that Rep's name. Eva. Then after you verbalized your complaints, you will be met with a lot of yelling from the Rep. At the other end of the end and talking over you while you are trying to explain. Usually YOU WILL GET A HANG-UP from them!!! (Really non-cooperative). But
that's O.K... I usually dont get upset yet because I just didnt like getting feed into it. I called back asked for their Supervisor, Eva... (If you're lucky, you'll get a Supervisor)... You will be annoyed... But i still didnt get mad. She claims that there is a recording me verbally agreeing to their membership. I dont remember doing a recording agreeing to CAREXPRESS for $39.95/month. CAREXPRESS is a Health Discount. I worked for the STATE government. I get FULL medical coverage for myself and my family, therefore I do not need any sort of Health Discount plan. For $39.95/month.

I have done some research on this Company: CAREXPRESS is part of National Health Partners, Inc.: 120 Gibraltar Road, Ste 107, and Horsham, PA 19044. I am contracting them. Im going to be dropping a memo/letter to the The President/CEO is David M. Daniels, Alex Soufflas, Chief Financial Officer/Exe. Vice President, Patricia S. Bathurst is Vice President, telling them of my experience and the name the Rep that I was talking to. I feel that is a VERY IMPORTANT LEGAL STEP because it establishes "motive" for fraud should the TOP management decide NOT to take any steps to personally refund your credit card charge. Then THEY and THEIR Company will be held legally responsible for KNOWINGLY / WITH INTEND TO COMMIT FRAUD". (Thats a criminal offense).

If a company is listed as an INC. (Corporation), that means the company is registered with the Secretary of State / State of Pennsylvania with their Articles of Incorporation listing the names of all their officers and all their subsidiaries. All that information is PUBLIC access by any interested individual. If the Secretary of State received a lot of complaints, they will investigate that company. If they find probable cause of any misconduct or operated in bad faith, they will suspend that companys incorporation status. The company will not be able to do any business their suspension status is lifted after they clean up their act.

As a consumer, I am just an individual, a "PEON", a nobody to them. I have no power by myself. I am TOO LOW on the food chain for them to deal with me. They will just ignore me. I am just a little "flea" to them. A nothing... Just a pest... Then next month ANOTHER charge will show up my credit card... SO in order for ME to STOP them, Ill have to rely on consumer protection agenciesIll CALL IN THE BIG BOYS. People who are MORE powerful over them.

So meanwhile I am also contacting: Pennsylvania's Attorney General's Office: Bureau of Consumer Protection: 16th Floor, Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA 17120... Follow by: Dept of Consumer Advocate: 555 Walnut Street 5th Flr Forum Place, Harrisberg, PA 17101-1923. And for those who are VETERANS, contact your local office: 20 Wayne St., Lewistown, Pa and also the U.S. Dept. Of veterans: 810 vermont ave. N.W., Washington D.C. 20420 And of course, if you lived in another state and your credit card has been charged fraudually across STATE LINES... That mean it involves "inter state commerce"... That's the F.B.I.'s jurisdiction: F.B.I. (Fraud in Trade Department) 600 arch Street - 8th Flr. Philadelphia, PA 19106. For every complaint sent in, these government agencies will OPEN a case on that company. If there enough complaints, then that company will be fine hefty and have to pay restitution to all those they scammed. If that company is so willing to scam you, they are probably scamming the government on their income tax. You may also want to contact the I. Rs. And put in a complaint: I.R.S. 600 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. They are in the SAME building as the F.B.I. If the people in the company are snakes and company's income is received illegally or "laundered" money or under unfair business practices, I feel their companys accounting also may not be on the ups & ups. And its usually always never in the I.R.S. S favor.

Note: Press Release: PRNewswire. (Horsham, Pa 4/7/11)
United Business Media: National Health Partners Announces New Marketing Agreement: National Health Partners, Inc. (otcbb: nhpr). A leading provider of discount health care membership programs, announced today that it has signed a new agreement with a major marketing company that will significantly enhance the growth of its CARExpress membership base. This is the major signing for the company in the last few weeks. This deal, in combination with the partnership that was announced a few weeks ago, will enable the company to build its membership base exponentially, initially generating in excess of an additional 2,000 new membership per month. The new campaign is set to launch within the next few weeks and will provide a material positive impact on the companys 2nd quarter sales. National Health Partners, Inc is a national healthcare savings organization that provides discount healthcare membership programs to uninsured or underinsured people through a national healthcare saving network called CARExpress.

Therefore from the above newspaper article, with the passing of OBAMACARE, (national health care for all), a $39.95 membership for the uninsured probably will not be needed in 2013therefore it is NECESSARY to obtain as many NEW memberships as possible before 2013 kicks in. Their main source is revenue is the $39.95 membership fee. According to the article, National Health Partners, Inc. AKA CARExpress had hired a new major marketing company (which is not named in the article) to try to promote MORE NEW MEMBERSHIPS. I feel, from my opinion, that by doing so, they get incoming new revenue by using unfair business practices and innocent unsuspecting victims and entrapment of phony altered verbal agreements over the phone.

I hoped that ALL of the UNWANTED MONTHLY CHARGE of the $39.95 will be taken off my from credit card statement.


CAREXPRESS / AKA National Health Partners, Inc.

I have read through all 15 pages of complaints from people use had to deal with these companies, over 20 website complaints from,, It is very sad that MOST of the victims who get scammed are the weak, the disabled, the Elderly and the helpless. People who can not fend for themselves. These people shop either on line or on the phone because they dont go out or cant get out. The most saddest complaint was from a United States Marine who had done 2 tours of duty in Iraq, a soldier who was willing to lay down his life and served our country to protect us from harm. He had unwanted charges on his credit card and he was treated with GREAT DISPECT by these companies who didnt CARE for anyone but their shelves and HOW they can drain ANOTHER monthly membership charge or two out of him. Is that the way this company TREATS A WAR HERO???
It is so un-american!!! Gee whiz!!! Obviously with these companies, how low can one get!!!???

I checked with the Better Business Bureau on CARExpress, a subsidiary of National Health Partners, Hosham, PA. To my surprise, the BBB gave them a A having an A rating, The customer complaints are low and customer complaint resolution is very good. I dont think the company would want to lose that rating. So I think that the best way to approach this is to FIRST give the company a chance to correct the unwanted charges. If you have problems dealing with the person on the phone when you call that phone number listed on your stated, contact the CEOs at the top:

Cc: CARExpress, National Health Partners, Inc
The President/CEO is David M. Daniels,
Alex Soufflas, Chief Financial Officer/Exe. Vice President
Patricia S. Bathurst is Vice President.

CC: Pennsylvania's Attorney General's Office: Bureau of Consumer Protection
Dept of Consumer Advocate: 555 Walnut Street 5th Flr Forum Place, Harrisberg, PA 17101-1923.
VETERANS, contact your local office: 20 Wayne St., Lewistown, Pa /
U.S. Dept. Of veterans: 810 vermont ave. N.W., Washington D.C. 20420
F.B.I.'s jurisdiction: F.B.I. (Fraud in Trade Department) 600 arch Street - 8th Flr. Philadelphia, PA 19106

CC: Montgomery Co. District Attorney: Risa Vetri Ferman: P.O. Box 311, Norristown, PA 19404-0311
Todd Stephens, House of Representatives: 515 Stump Road, North Wles, Pennsylvania 19454
Horsham Township: 1025 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044
Horsham Police: 1025 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044
Secretary of State / State of Pennsylvania, 401 North Street, Room 206, Harrisburg, PA 17120
Phone: (717) 787-1057 Phone: (888) 659-9962 Email: [email protected] Gov

Cc: Better Business Bureau - Letters of complaint will pulled their A rating down.

Offender: Carexpress

Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Horsham
Address: 120 Gilbraltar Rd. Ste 107
Phone: 12156827114

Category: Health & Medicine


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