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Complaint / Review dba Pacific Naturals Co
BOOM, HEALTH & BEAUTY Unwanted Membership @ $59.97/month

BOOM, HEALTH & BEAUTY AKA, AkA Pacific Natural Co. AKA Market Health, Inc. AKA18458 Santar Street, LLC, 2040 North Lincoln, LLC, AKA DAILYINFOSOLUTIONS AKA HEALTH, AKA 17153 Devonshire Street, LLC, AKA HealthOPS., AKA, AKA GSCM Ventures/Pacific, AKA, AKA Pacific Naturals AKA Zeta Clear, AKA Nutralogy, AKA [email protected]

Alternate Web Sites http://www.healthbuy. Comhttp://www.herbalbiz. Com http://www.markethealth. Comhttp://www.acaiberryselect. Com [email protected] All the above are subsidiaries to: GSMC Ventures, Inc. % I noticed a lot of "wanted" charges on my September credit card statement from four different membership companies... None which I applied for. One of them was from Boom, Health & Beauty @$59.99/month charge that also appear on my September and October fact, these are 5 different unwanted charges from 5 different membership type companies with monthly membership charges deducted out of my credit card starting on my September visa card statement all posted within 1 -2 days from each other. After careful investigation, it seems that came from my last mail order charge (that same day posting) from a internet company that I ordered some items from. They did asked me to try a Discount membership for 30 days for FREE and I would get 20% off my order... Which I agreed to by phone and they said our conversation was being recorded (which I didn't mind) and the costs is only $14.95/month. When they asked me if I agree to discounts in travel, health, hotels, beauty, coupons, discount movie tickets, etc. I said, "why not... It's only $14.95/month membership and I get 30 days free and if I want to extend it, it'll be only $14.95 and I can cancelled at any time. A lot of people dont remember conversations after they hang up the phone but I have a very good memory of this one. After youd placed your order by phone and you want to decide to take the offer of a 30 day FREE membership, you are transferred to another person who will VERBALLY sign you up for the 30 day FREE membership. The person will informed you that the conversation will be recorded (which most people will say its O.K.). He/She asked a question and you answered. (Like your name, your address, tell you about the MEMBERSHIP (not pluraljust singleMEMBERSHIP). What really happened was that they don't tell you is that the travel, health, hotel, vacation, beauty, coupons are all offers for memberships to DIFFERENT organizations, EACH one of these companies have their own membership fee that will be billed to your credit card. Its really tricky how this recording was done. Every time they asked a question, you hear a click and then you answer the question. Some questions are sort of confusing or vague so you normally will start asking for more information, the person on the other end will come back on, saying, Just answer YES or NO, then they will asking the answer again and you will hear a click. Each one of those questions are transferred and molded later toward a particular membership company and sent over to them. The original mail order company that you FIRST officially ordered your merchandize from transferred you over to the FREE MEMBERSHIP for 30 days department and these people in the FREE MEMBERSHIP department passed over your recorded agreement along with on your CREDIT CARD number to all these OTHER "membership" agencies. Thats how they were able to your credit card number and that's how they are STILL ABLE TO KEEP on charging on your card. Thats how all the different charges are on your credit card statement from companies you never heard of. When you called these companies up, their representative all claim that they have a recording of your conversation and the verbal agreement which no doubt they probably do have it. But its an altered version of it with only YES or NO answers which can be fit into any questions asked. I think this is HOW it was done. % From Boom, Health & Beauty leads to which leads you to Pacific Naturals Co. (Burbank, California) Boom, Health & Beauty @ $59.97/mo. Membership (1-877-321-9292) (Burbank, Calif). AKA AKA, AKA Pacific Natural Co. 2049 North Lincoln, Burbank, Calif 95104. They also operated under the company names such as, Pacific Naturals.Co., Market Health, Inc.; 18458 Santar Street; 2040 North Lincoln, GSMC Ventures, Inc, dailyinfosolutions,, Zeta Clear, Nutralogy. (This company only have a total 1-5 people working on their staff. When you usually called in, you will always get a person named Christian (a real jerk who keeps hanging up on me and talk over me and yells at me... Doesn't disclosed the REAL name of the company or the address or transferred me to his Supervisor. I was persistent. The first time that I called the phone number listed on my credit card statement, I got Christian. He was REALLY NICE until I asked him about the unwanted charge on my credit card statement. He hung up on me. Then I had to called him back 3 times and I keep getting Christian AGAIN and AGAIN. And he hung up on me 3 times. Every I called, I get a greetings and some pre-recorded greeting that if I needed customer service to go on line: I went on line to and it listed a U.S. Customer service contact phone number. So I called the phone number listed in the for U.S. Customers and I got CHRISTIAN AGAIN. And of course he hung up on me fact, in you called the United Kingdome Customer Service number (020) 3006 2872 or the Australia Customer Service phone: 1-800-058-524, you probably end up with CHRISTIAN. I called up the same phone number the next day and I got Christian again!!! He knew who I was before I said a word so I guess my name and phone number must light up on his phone monitor. I started to asked him a couple of questions about his company, he started yelling and talking over methen he hung up on me again. He did this 3 times and I repeatedly told him who I was and what line of work I do, he hung up anyway. After more hung ups again, I told him that since hes the ONLY one who always answers the phone, I am going to named him on my fraud complaint and hes going to be ONLY one who is going to be hung out to dry on criminal fraud charges. I guess that must had scared him. He reluctantly told me that their company website name is and then transfer me over to his manager/supervisor Brenda. She said that their company name is Pacific Naturals Co. Located at 2049 North Lincoln, Burbank, Calif 95104. I talked with Brenda but she said that she was on another call so I excused her to go finish up with her other customermeanwhile another person got back on the phone with me. I asked him what his name was. He said, Who to you think!!! Im Christian but it didnt sound like him since I interact with him 6 times before and most of the time he was talking over me so I had listened to his voice very carefully before he hung up on me 6 times. This fellow had a mellow foreign accentsounds like a island accent. I told him that he didnt sound like the Christain that I talked with before because he has an accent. Then he snapped, yelling, WHAT? Are you discriminating against me? Just because a person said she/he heard a voice that have an accent doesnt mean that its a discrimination. He must be VERY INSECURE AND HAVE LOW SELF ESTEM OF HIMSELF OR he must have a double personality which he switches from an American Accent to a Foreign Accent. There are 2 other foreign customer service lines: Brasil (21) 3956-0567 and German: Deutscher Kundenservice: 069-222-239961 so they must have staff speaking those languages. This Christian keeps on insisting that there is an VERBAL ORAL AGREEMENT and that it is binding. That is to be debatable. A Verbal Oral Agreement is ONLY BINDING if there is a meeting of the minds between the parties. It is NOT binding if the agreement was made in duress or pressure or if one party uses unfair business practices or deceptive methods to con the other into an agreement or if one of the parties is confused and did not understand the agreement. It is NOT binding if the agreement is made directly with a minor. It is NOT binding if the verbiage in any way is altered. However, I dont think that I AM THE ONE ONLY that have been dealing with him. Christian must have HUNDREDS of OTHER people calling him about the SAME thing which leads me to believe that logically if I worked for any company that receives SO MANY COMPLAINTS, I myself, (if Christian HAS A BRAIN) would start looking at the profile of the company that I worked for. Today, one doesnt have to spend money to hire a private detective. The INTERNET is a MARVELOUS tool. If he had investigated his employer, he would have found that aka Pacific Naturals Co. Have been using DECEPTION, CON, FRAUD in obtaining memberships for $59.99. He would have found that Better Business Bureau has given (on scale of A to F, an F rating with 137 complaints. (Advertising/sales issues 39, billing/collection issues 45, problems with product/service 46, delivery issues 5, guarantee/warranty issues 2). BBB has placed an Alert on this business. According to the BBBs investigation ( / Vitamins-and Food): Complainants allege misleading advertising, unauthorized credit card charges, receipts of unwanted merchandise, and difficulty implementing cancellation procedures. Customers complaint after repeated attempts to cancel, shipments are stop but customers are STILL being some cases complainants report dissatisfaction with having to pay shipping charges to return unauthorized product ships, or products caused illness. If either CHRISTIAN AND BRENDA (manager) had any BRAINS at all, they would had discovered all the above background information on the company that they worked for (just like I did) and find that a lot of callers complaint have some validity to them unless CHRISTIAN and BRENDA are BOTH ALREADY totally AWARE of this and they are part of the conspiracy of the con. If this is so, they are BOTH guilty of aiding and abetting, giving out false information, consumer fraud, stealing funds, etc. Given the total amounts SCAMMED is over $500.00, its a FELONY. Meanwhile for the people who have been scammed for minor amounts, they can take their case to SMALL CLAIMS and pretty much can win their case. It is also good to take the BBB report with them and a backup have a complaint filed with the local District Attorneys office. From my research on Boom, Health & Beauty: First of all, there is no such company as Boom, Health & Beauty. I called up my Chase Credit Card about the 9/14 posting of the $59.99. The Chase Rep said that they dont even have the word Boom, Health & Beauty listed at all. All they have listed on their monitor was just a description that it sells at discounts on beauty aids and products. Boom, Health & Beauty is a bogus name. There is one Boom, Health & Beauty listing on the Internet. Its a company in located in India. They sell some beauty products but mostly basmati rice, Indian spices, Indian Handicrafts, apparel & fashion to fertilizers. The REAL names of the SAME company are: AKA Pacific Natural Co. AKA Market Health, Inc., AKA 18458 Santar Street, AKA 2040 North Lincoln, AKA dailyinfosolutions, AKA, AKA AKA HealthOps. I looked up on the internet and there are 15 pages of complaints against on the website. I reviewed all the complaints. Some of the Products were sold through Craigslist. Some probably were purchased unknowingly through the Internet as FREE OFFERS. Some of the products dont work and no refunds were ever reimbursed even though there was a guarantee of a refund up to 90 days of purchase. I noticed that some of the people who received these products are from STATES such as Utah, Virginia, Nevada, New Jersey, and some are from overseas and some in California. (AKA Pacific Naturals Co., DAILYINFOSOLUTIONS, AKA HEALTH, AKA AKA HealthOps.) From what I pulled up on the internet, (and all the AKAS) sells herbal supplements such as Bolix, Breast actives, Hoodia Chaser, Idol lips, Liveractive, Muscle Advance Whey Protein, Oxyhives, Deer Antler plus (what does meanhow do they get ingredients like Bambis antler? Is it even legal?) It also states in very fine print on the bottom of the page of HealthBuy Products Reviews: Disclaimer: The Story (s) depicted on this site and the person (s) depicted in the store are NOT REAL. Rather, this FICTIONAL story is based on the results that some people who have used these products have achieved. (Like WHO for instance???) The results portrayed in the story and in the comments are ILLUSTRATIVE, and may not be the results that you achieve with these products. This pate receives compensation for clicks on or purchases of products feature on this site. Pacific Naturals Co. Back ground: Pacific Naturals Co.: (2049 N. Lincoln St., Burbank, California 91504) I also looked up Pacific Naturals Co. There are a LOT OF BAD REVIEWS FROM PEOPLE WHO GOT ALSO SCAMMED into memberships and have received products that dont work and people. On 5/27,10, a U.S. Federal trademark registration was filed for Pacific Naturals by GSCM Ventures, Burbank, Ca, 95104. The current federal status of this trademark filing is REPORT COMPLETED SUSPENDED CHECK - CASE STILL SUSPENDED. Status Date:. (8/24) The correspondent listed for Pacific Naturals is GSMC Ventures, Inc. Of GSCM Ventures, Inc. 2040 n. Lincoln St., Burbank, Ca 91504-3334 * Today (11/04), I just called up my Chase CREDIT Card and my Chase REP told me that ANOTHER CHARGE OF $59.99 was posted on 10/14 by some company known as HEALTH (1-877) 443-8608, Customer Service: 1-877-443-3608, Health Legend, 8721 Santa Monica Boulevard, #850, Los Angeles, CA 90069, [email protected] I called the customer service number: The recorded greetings voices sure sound like Christian and Brenda. * From Pacific Naturals Co. Leads you to GSCM Ventures, Inc. GSCM Ventures, Inc. Is the headquarters) located on (3 addresses given on the Internet) 2049 N. Lincoln St., Burbank, Ca 91504 1 (818) 303-2600 12100 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca 90025-7125 phone 1 (310) 303-3600.350. Glen Oaks Bld, #305, Burbank, Ca 91502-1122 phone 1 (818) 441-5878 GSCM Ventures, Inc. Is registered with the Secretary of State / State of California with their Articles of Incorporation which lists the Corporate officers and phone numbers. Robert Freemen is the registered agent for service. They have filed a Statement & Designation by Foreign Corporation on Monday 9/20/04. GSCM Ventures, Inc. Has 2 Corporate officers Gary Mc Nellay who is the President and V-President and a 2nd person David Rivero and 12 employees. It looks like that this GSCM Ventures, Inc. Originally was located in Carson City, Nevada. The Public Health Service for the food & Drug Administration / San Francisco district had issued a WARNING letter to advise GSCM Ventures Inc., that several of their products VIOLATED the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. Sec. 321 (g) (1) (13) that they advertised many of their products indicating FALSE therapeutic claims. Such as preventing cataracts, cure cancer, prevents or stop or cure arthritis, lower cholesterol levels, prevent or cure for cardiovascular disease, cure infection, impaired immune function. It sounds like the OLD TIME CON-ARTIST from the old west selling SNAKE OIL for a CURE for EVERYTHING!!! This letter was sent

Offender: dba Pacific Naturals Co

Country: USA   State: California   City: Burbank
Address: 2048 North Lincoln Street
Phone: 18873219292

Category: Health & Medicine


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