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Order info in more detail

I want the account used to put in an "unauthorized" purchase. My granddaughters are doing some fast talking on who ordered what. I knew Tiffany Renee McClenny and Jamie Carla McClenny were ordering cell phones but I never authorized accessories purchases. Also: One was supposed to be $169.00 and/or the other "less than $200". ...

Verizon Wireless

I sent in the defective phone back to verizon shortly after I received a new one from them. Then I started getting phone calls/texts and letters that they haven't received my phone and I will be charged for it. Thankfully, I kept my FedEx ticket. After numerous phone calls to them I was finally told that it got misplaced and ...

Phony list prices

I recently bought a Canon zoom/telephoto lens from Amazon, or at least, from one of their so-called "Amazon Vendors". Shortly afterwards I happened to go to the Canon official website, and basically discovered "list prices" that were substantially lower than those quoted on the Amazon product page. Savings that Amazon purported ...