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AT&T wireless
Shame on AT&T wireless

I have been with ATT since they were doing business under the name of Cingular. Almost 20 years i have been a loyal customer. I just recently went for an upgrade for two phones and requested to lower my minutes from 1400 to 450, since i have 8632 roll over minutes (thats 143 unused hours). This is the main reason i was staying ...

Billing - Autopay

Horrible Customer Service. Auto pay does't work. This is the eighth day of my nightmare. Half dozen Customer Service counter folk, half dozen on Customer Service rep, Complaints Corporate. Autopay delete and recreated half dozen time. Phone service is current suspended. Coroprate emails, fax's, phone numbers and a very detail ...

Straight Talk

I have been a straight talk customer for over 2 years. Along with my husband, daughter, parents, siblings and Feb of 2012 I ordered a new phone and service card to replace my phone that was not working. I received the phone but no service card. After an hour of being on the phone with Straight Talk, they were able to ...