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Complaint / Review
Circuit City - Xerox
Circuit City's Extended Warranty - Xerox Lack Of Monitor Service Repair Package

I don't know who is to blame in this situation... Xerox or Circuit City's warranty company.

In January 2007, I bought a Xerox XG91 monitor from Circuit City. Being in retail, I knew that the salesperson gets commission from the warranty his defense, the salesperson told me not to buy the Xerox monitor, but told me to buy the warranty because of the fact Xerox monitors were known to have power supply problems.

Flash forward forward to December 2007. My monitor is starting to have the problem the salesperson told me аbout: bad power supply unit. The monitor still worked, but it took forever to actually function. I take my monitor and my warranty to the Circuit City I bought it from. They tell me that I have to call extended warranty company to settle the claim, as they need verification that it is broken...

So I call Xerox. Xerox tells me that I need to send in the monitor for repairs, and I would have to pay for shipping "Both Ways". However, they were horribly backlogged. My monitor's problem would be on queue unitl mid February, 2008 and even then it may take a while to process the problem. And if there was a problem, due to the extended period of assessment, it would be out of the manufacturer's warranty, and I would have to pay for the repairs.

I called Circuit City's warranty company. The associate I talked to said they could not do anything with the product while it was under the manufacturer's one year warranty. He advised me to call back a week after the one year warranty expired, as the monitor was still working.

And here's where the problem starts. A week after the warranty expires, late January 2008, the monitor completely stops working. I talked to a different guy at Product Care, who told me that because the problem started while it was under warranty, it is not covered. I told him that it was still working when I last contacted them. However, he stated that the log from the last call I made to them listed me saying the product was broken and unusable. Even though the monitor was still working when I first called, and even though I explained to him what was the situation, he said that I needed to go through the manufacturer for a warranty. He then asks me if I needed anything else, as if the topic was resolved.

In short, the monitor ceased to work after the warranty, but because I tried to make a claim before the end of the manufacturer's warranty, and even though the manufacturer could not repair the product until after their warranty, Circuit City's 3rd party insurance company will not touch it.

Better still, I tried calling Xerox again. I did some research in the last few months and found out how to repair the monitor. So I called Xerox and asked them where I could find the power supply unit. I got a nice long speech on how as of May 2008 they no longer service or repair XG91 monitors.

I went to the same Circuit City store on a whim and low and behold: they still have Xerox XG91s on the floor... For regular price. I asked an associate if they knew Xerox no longer services their monitors and he had heard no such thing.

Offender: Circuit City - Xerox

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Denver

Category: Electronics and household app.


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