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Audio Sports
Disrespectful Fabricators Frauds Liars

I walked into Audio Sports in March, with a friend of mine who referred me, to purchase a complete car audio system. The first person to approach, was someone who my friend had said helped him, known as "Angel." (It has come to my attention that "Angel's" name is officially Thaer Abuado). He was very kind and helpful to begin with, saying he could "hook me up with anything I wanted." We came up with what I wanted, and he said he could get everything for me, for $800."Everything, " included two (2) Kicker CompVR 12" Subwoofers; the enclosure boxes for them, two (2) Alpine Type S Speaker packages of 2 (total of 4); 1 American Pro VS 1409 Amplifier; 1 Koiiler 8686-C Amplifier. After Angel had said this, my friend asked if Angel could upgrade the amps to MTX's for the same price of $800 for everything, which Angel had agreed upon.

We then discussed the prices for two (2) Phonics Digital Capacitors, and 4 Konig Zero 17" Rims and 4 tires. Angel never spoke of the price, but included them on my invoice, simply saying "The price will go up." Nothing on the original invoice was minimized, nor were specific product numbers given (except for the Konig Rims).

Angel then had me sign the invoice, then said AFTER I had signed "there's no refunds, " and had me initial a statement saying that everything was to be installed on that date. I asked why I was to initial that, and he said it was in order for the installers to install the items. Angel then kept my copy of the invoice which had the return policies, and legal information on the back, and gave me a 1-sided photocopy of the invoice. The total price for everything was $2860.

I came in two days later, which was a Sunday, to drop my car off at 10:00 AM. A few other customers and I waited until 11:00 AM for anyone to show up. Angel had said to bring it by on Sunday at 10:00 AM which is when they opened. So I left my car there after they had opened at 11:00 AM. I returned at 3:00 PM to find out that no one had even touched my car, and Angel told me to return the following day (Monday).

Monday, I returned at 9:45 AM, and was second in line. They (Audio Sports) opened at 10:00 AM, and I left my car. I returned at 2:00 PM to find that my car had not been touched nor worked on, after being second in line. I decided to stay a while longer to see if my car would even be worked on at all that day. At 5:00 PM, after being cut by 5 different cars (this was only while I was there), my car was finally worked on. All that was installed, was one (1) amp (which wasn't the MTX which we had agreed upon, but the Koiiler 8686-C), and one Phonics Digital Capacitor.

While the car was being worked on during Monday, Angel had stated that he didn't have any Alpine Type S speakers available, and that in order for everything to be done faster, that he'd offer me a free "upgrade." I decided to go with MA Audio Speakers, simply because of the lifetime warranty, and was under the impression that I would be refunded for the Alpine Type S spekears, which were worth more. Nothing was done, but Angel had kept my original photocopy of the original invoice, and wrote up a new invoice which had specified all part numbers for the items (except for the Konig Zero Rims and tires, which were left vague). On the new invoice, he put the Alpine Type S speakers as trade in's for the MA Audio Speakers. I asked if he could minimize and put the item prices on there, and he said yes. I also asked how much the rims and tires were, and he stated "We already paid for them, and they're at the warehouse right now. They should be shipped within the day." He said nothing about the price for the rims and tires. Again, he had me initial the "install statement, " I asked by initialing that, that everything would be done by that day, and he said "Yes, it'll be done by today." At 6:30 PM, nothing else was done to my car. I asked Angel why hadn't it been done, and he said they ran out of time, and to return the Wednesday and GUARANTEED everything would be done, audio system and rims and tires, by 6:00 pm Wednesday. I then left with my car.

I returned on Wednesday at 9:45 AM, and was first in line waiting. No one had arrived until 10:30 AM to open the store. My car was then first to be worked on, and the installation of 2 front MA Audio speakers was done. I then left at 11:30 AM, and returned at 2:00 PM to find that my car was taken out and nothing else was done to it besides the 2 speakers. For the remainder of the day, nothing was done to it. I asked Angel if my rims and tires were even in, and he said "they'd be in later that day." The rims and tires never showed up, and nothing was done to my car except for 2 speakers, ALL DAY, until 6:30 PM when I had left.

I returned Thursday, with someone to speak on my behalf about my frustrations, and Angel and one of his co-workers verbally abused this other person and I. The topic about why hadn't everything been finished by 6:00 PM on Wednesday was brought up, and Angel stated "I never said anything about it being finished." which was a lie. His co-worker said I had no recorded evidence of the statement, but Angel then stated that I knew what I was getting into, and had VIDEO evidence to back up his claims. Apparently, there was nothing to back up my claim that he stated everything would be done by Wednesday at 6:00 PM, I do have a witness however that can and will support that claim which Angel had made.

Due to my frustrations with the time period for installation, Angel had agreed that everything would be done, Audio system-wise, to my car. The complete audio system was installed on Thursday, but wasn't installed correctly. Angel then offerred me a new Stereo, which is a cheap-no-name brand. Litereally, there is no name on the brand. When adjusting the balance all the way to the left, nothing came out of the speakers. Angel had also said it would take a couple weeks for the rims and tires to come in, and he would call me.

I returned Friday to have the "balance" problem fixed, and it wasn't, the same problem was still occurring, and still hasn't been fixed to this day.

It is now a month later, and the rims and tires STILL have not come in. During this span, I have returned to the store twice to inquire about my rims and tires, and Angel simply states that they have not come in. One of the times I had returned, which was two weeks ago, on a Thursday, Angel had said they'd be in at the end of the week, and he meant to call me but had lost my phone number. No call was made.

In closing, please do NOT do business with this company. If you MUST do business with this company, make purchases on SINGLE items and do NOT have them install it. Everyone of the sales associates are shady characters and have VERY poor business skills. I was overcharged $360, and cannot refute it. I'm still waiting for half of my order to be completed a MONTH after the purchase was made.

Offender: Audio Sports

Country: USA   State: California   City: Cypress
Address: 5177 Lincoln Ave
Phone: 7148160105

Category: Electronics and household app.


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