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I ran across this site during a random search. I was interested in info relating to mortgage foreclosure surplus funds. I watched several videos that were posted, and purchased his material. Did Mr. Buige rip me off in the legal sense? No, but in the moral sense he did.

I have bought information like this from other individuals who offer 100% refunds given a certain time period. Mr Buige offers this:

We guarantee that the E-Book is true and correct. Further, it provides
knowledge that can be used to attain very large sums of money in a short
amount of time. This is powerful and potentially lucrative
information. However, it is not a 'get rich quick' program - you have
to apply the information to make money, and there is work involved.
This is valuable, powerful information - if you choose to not use it, that
is your prerogative. This information is Copyrighted material (the
E-Book). Once purchased, you have the information for your personal
use. By purchasing this program, you agree to not share the
information with anyone else, unless of course they also purchase the
E-Book. If you have any difficulty with the download of the book,
please contact us. We would be happy to send other formats of the book
and make sure you can use the material with your computer. However, we
will not refund because you say that you have received the ebook but can't
open it. We will email your ebook within 12 hours of the processing of
your payment. This is an electronic item - we can't 'take it back'.
Your success is only
limited by your own desire...
Honestly, after
what you've seen with actual blocks of money, and the testimonials, we don't
think the decision should be all that difficult.
With our systems,
you can create your desired income on your terms.
Take bold action
right now.
Get one or all of
our proven Systems, and change your life!
Your success is
only limited by your desire - do you desire success?

Well, in a sense he is right that this info is correct, but nothing special in my opinion. Other courses
I have bought in the past also provide info they feel is true and correct, and valuable also. Although, they still provide a refund if you are not happy.

I read his material, and still had some questions. His support is in a e-mail format, and my answers to the questions came from a text sent from a cell phone. I asked if his support manager could call me at his convenience to answer several questions I had which he ignored.

I decided to start with the county I live in which is Collier County Florida. I found the list online of these properties which was around 70. Out of these I found 5 leads. All the rest were sold by the county for much less leaving no surplus.

I sent these 5 files in to see how this company would handle them. Well the support manager wrote me back saying I made a mistake which if he had bothered to call me back I could have avoided. It has been over a year since, and not one person has contacted me about these files.

After this treatment, I decided this was a wild goose chase not worth throwing money at. Mr. Buige
had my money with no recourse on my part, so should I waste more money and time hoping things will be different in another county?

In Collier County they do make a effort to notify these homeowners that they have money owed to them thru professional finders. Also, in capital letters on judgements sent to the homeowner clearly state they maybe are owed money. Mr. Buige claims counties do not do that because they do not have the money which maybe true in some places, but not here.

I am not saying this material cannot make you money, but what does Mr. Buige have to lose here?
He makes money off his material with no refunds. Get's business handed to him for a healthy profit,
and guys like me do all the grunt work.

I realize I have no recourse with Mr. Buige in a legal sense, and my time and money is down the drain. Hopefully, others will not waste their money with this guy. Look at his website closely, and where are the people making this money? Sure, there are these files out there, but where are the people becoming successful? There are none posted on his site I can see.

Contact information:
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Shawn Buige

Country: USA   State: North Carolina   City: Concord
Address: 1 Buffalo Ave #2206
Site: surplusfundriches.com

Category: Education & Science

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DMorrow July 10, 2017 11:40 AM
You sent in 5 files with errors on them. You blame Mr Buige for the errors because he did not call you. You knew BEFORE your purchase that there would be no after-purchase calls, only email support. So what entitles you to phone calls when the company policy is email support only?

I believe the purpose of the email support is two-fold. Email gives everyone a written record of both the questions asked, and the answers given. No conflicting he said-she said. Email also prevents the Support team from having their time used up by phone chatter.

Doesn't matter, however. You KNEW BEFORE PURCHASE that this is the policy. Why gripe about it now? Did you correct the errors, and resubmit the 5 claims? You really should. You are leaving profit on the table. If you still need understanding on your 5 files, just use the support system, get your answers, and resubmit your files. It is that simple. Also- they no longer lock any counties to the first person who submits a claim. So your opportunity is better now than before. :)

Also, why did you quit after only 5 files from one county? There are still 2900 counties to work! Why not learn the correct procedure, then follow the recommendation of 5 files a week for a month? You know that not all files work out. That's why Shawn tells us to not quit after turning in 3 files. It will take from 2-6 months on every file, because we are dealing with the courts. I found that in one county, they pay submissions after 5-6 months.

If you disagreed about the refund policy, why did you proceed to buy the program?

You said, "In Collier County they do make a effort to notify these homeowners that they have money owed to them thru professional finders. Also, in capital letters on judgements sent to the homeowner clearly state they maybe are owed money. Mr. Buige claims counties do not do that because they do not have the money which maybe true in some places, but not here."

ALL 3000 counties make the effort to notify the owners that money is available. Mr Buige has NEVER SAID that some counties do not notify because the county has no money. You misunderstood what was said.

Come on, Sir. You have the program. Learn to do it, then apply your knowledge and profit. Go on Youtube and watch some webinars. Much of the time is given to program owners who ask questions during the webinar. You just might find your answers now, and you can ask questions during the webinar, thru chat.

I am a slow learner. It takes me a long time to understand written instruction. But it is my own fault if I give up- not the program's support policy. :)
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