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Sirius xm radio
Extortion of bank account

Activated an old xm radio that my husband had. It was not working the best and decided to cancel it. The employee did not cancel it (I later found out). I decided to order a new radio and at that time found out the first one was not cancelled so I ask the 2nd employee to cancel that radio. I received the new radio and the ...

Sirius/XM radio
XM sirius radio Deceptive "free trials" that lead to fraudulent charges and customer service that is jamacian me crazy

Customer service in almost every buisness has gone down the toilet. I just had a run in with XM radio yesterday. When I purchased my truck it came with an XM radio and 3 months free service when the trial ran out I didnt want to continue the service but they kept calling offering me 3 more months for $20 so I payed for 3 more ...