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Mohammed ibaidallah
My car history

I purchased my car from the auction and the car had a history of theft. After a couple of days the title came and I registered the car in my name. Today I went to the dealer to trade in the car and I was told they could not purchase the car because the car’s history reports theft and so I was told to contact USA complaints ...

Marty Lackner
I formation

For anyone who hasn't heard yet Marty Lackner of Eelco is a scam artist with no regret or heart. If anyone needs information of this low life his address and phone number is below and is still accurate and you can just give him a ring. I would suggest looking him up first to see all the dirt on this guy. He has complaints all ...

Tom Grimont
Racist rude ignorant

Tom Grimont of Infiniti Bayside was no help at all. My steering is locking up while driving and he's finding any excuse to say otherwise. My car is 2015 and still under warranty am I suppose to continue driving it while the steering locks up. Don't go to Infiniti of Bayside you will be disappointed. ...