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I was looking for prices online to transport a car and made the mistake of giving out my email and phone number. the calls and emails wont stop. i asked to stop calling me and stop emailing me. the response from the 'president' of the company was "Leave me alone. I have not been calling you or emailing you. You have my company ...


The general manager name should Brain Laughingstock not Brain Benstock. This place is total mess, when you enter sales people are practically hunting, harassing you in very possible way without any limits. Don't believe me check the number of complaints and legal cases filled against Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura. They are ...

Hooman toyota

I purchased a Prius from Hooman Toyota and besides all the maintenance/car washes/tires my family missed out on, I also purchased low jack and leather seat upgrades which they never installed! I'm very interested in a class action law suit. Terrible business, full of crooks and liars. So sad! ...