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Bruce Titus Tacoma Dodge
Made my jeep leak

I took my 2012 jeep wrangler in for the Trans cooling line recall and a drivers door leak at the same time. Small leak on drivers door but wanted to fix it. After doing a water test they tell me the center of the roof is leaking also. I express my displeasure but ok the work at 800.00 dollars. Next day they say both seals are ...

Dwayne omarr Robinson
Car Loan BMW 328i

I gave him the money for a car and he gave me the car and never updated the registration and the car got towed. I was than given a Audi that was clearly had a leaking radiator and didn't hold fluid properly. He begged that he pick up the car after I had given him an additional $700 and already paid over $3, 200 for the BMW that ...