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Hotwire & Hertz t
Car rental - string around and yo-yo

HERTZ Rental a car experience. On September 11th Imade reservations to rent a car through Hot wire/Hertz. For 4 days at31.95 a day. On Sept 13th I received ae-mail saying I can get a car rental for $19.95. I call Hotwire andthey say sorry, but once you make a reservation there is not changingit. September 25th pick-up car (Nissan) at the Hertz at the Philly airport. September 25th noticedcrack in windshield. September 26th went toHertz Roosevelt Blvd. Asked if I should keep it or get another car. Britney put us in another car. (cruse) After it was semi cleaned and I had to get out and ask if she hadanything for the smoke smell in the vehicle. The gas tank was full. So was the one I turned in. So, she said not to worry about it. September 27th found thethe tire on the cruse to have 16 pounds of pressure. I drove to STStire service. I told them I was renting the car from hertz and hestated that I should take it back, that it may not be safe to highwaydriving. I called Britney and explained what I was told and said thatI would be in the area about 4 pm. She said she would have a anothercar for me to pick up. At 3:45pm I when to Roosevelt Blvd. And nocar ready, She had some guy take me across Philly to another Hertzcar rental. Stated, they had a car there for me. Left me off and said here you go. Iwent into Hertz and The Guy behind the counter, asked where the carwas. I explained that I didn't have the car I was brought over, hehad to call Britney and get things figure out. Then said, OK comewith me, we walked to both sides to the building and then located thecar. He then said, well this has to be cleaned. I said that I have hour to pick my husband up. I didn't know where I am and how to getthere. He said it would take 5 minutes. So, back to the office Iwent. Then he came back and said that car won't work. I told him anddidn't know if I should cry or start screaming, I can't believe this. So, he takes me to a Toyota, The trunk didn't close without slammingit, the seats nasty, and I notice, 3/8 tank of gas (not even half) Ishut of the car and walk back inside and tell him, he said there wasnothing he could do about it. I go back to the car and try to find myway back to get my husband. On the way I call Britney and repeat whatI have just stated and she said that if I wanted to come backtomorrow. I will be able to get yet another vehicle. As I am driving, I can but notice, the air whistling thought the window, and the pullto the right. It costed me $41.00 to fill up the tank. September28th It's raining, I go tothe car and the rain is coming thought the window, great. At thispoint I don't want to look at another Hertz employee, I told mehusband that I don't want to deal with the Roosevelt hertz thereforeI will keep the rent a wreck and try to enjoy some of my vacation. It's cost me $41.00 to fill the tank up I called Hertz and tell them Iexperience, they tell me, they tell me that they will bring me a newcar right to me. So, they transfe me. When the rep comes on the phoneshe ask is your car running I say yes, She said Sorry I can'thelp you. Sept 29 - 2 pm. Go to the airport and turn inthe vehicle. I am so upset with Hertz The manage on site, tries tosmooth things over with a $50.00 coupon. I am offended, that paidfor the gas that was missing from the car, and at $57 plus a day, that was added insult to injury. He said that it was hotwire I needto deal with. Now, at this point I am thoroughly upset. 10/2/2012 I go to my bank statement tofind that Roosevelt blvd charged me $24.00 for gas that they said, they wouldn't charge. So, I had to call them. They said they wouldrevise the charges. 10/2/2012 call hotwire and talk to amanage Daunta and explained what was happening, He said I will checkinto it, put be on hold for 1 minute and said, Sorry, that is a hertzmater. 10/2/2012 called the bank and stoppedpayment until this is resolved. They revise $87. I pick the car up on 9-25 at 2:30pm returned it and 9-29 at 2:30Pm got charged 5 days at $57.67 I rented the car for 4 days and agreedto $31.95 a day

10/23/2012 still not response from thecalls so called Hertz and they said to deal with hotwire. 10/23/2012 tale to Steven he offerme $25.00 in hot wire bucks... I told him that I had 41.50 in fueland 57.65 in a extra day that I didn't use the car. So I ask to talkto a supervisor. David said it was hertz issue. And that he couldoffer me $25.00 10/23/2012 Called Daesi at Hertz andasked to talk with someone higher up and she said she was the onethat could help me. I went through everything again. She said that Igot my money back for $24.50 and I had to explain that was for thegas I wasn't suppose to be charged for to start with. She said sorrywill will have to call the location I rented it from. I stated whichone, She said she was sorry she couldn't do anything for me.

Offender: Hotwire & Hertz t

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 18664689473

Category: Cars & Transport


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