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Pep Boys
On early February Pep Boys replaced and installed new starter in my 2003 Kia Rio car. Pep Boys installed 50A instead of 30A (manufacturer Specification) of the ignition fuse

I owned a 2003 Kia Rio and had problem with the starter. My son brought in the car @ Pep Boys, 1714 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, AZ 85281, Tel. No. 480-967-7577 in early February of this year and they replaced and installed a new starter.

On June 25, I could not start the car. I checked the fuse box and found out the ignition 50A fuse was blown. But I noticed that in the fuse box cover it is not 50A but only 30A.

I called my son about the changes of ignition fuse from 30A (manufacturer specification) to 50A. He said that he also questioned the mechanic about the changes. The reason of the mechanic was that the installed starter needed a higher ampere for the new starter to operate.

I tried to put 30A as per manufacturer spec but it blew up. But before I started the car I observed that the power windows, head lights, signal lights, A/C were not working but the park lights, radio, dash board lights were working.

So, I replaced it with the 50A fuse and all the above now were working but this time I could not start the car and when I checked, the 50A fuse was fine but the car would not start.

On June 27, Wednesday I drove the car to the shop by pushing to start it. The shop is about 85 miles from my home. I checked in my car at around 1:00 PM. I was told that as soon as any one of the first three bays was vacant, they would work on my car.

After about 30 minutes, one car was finished and driven out. I thought that my car would be next but instead a different vehicle was brought in. And this went on as to the other 2-bays.

I waited, hoping they would work on my car next once a bay becomes vacant again, just as they had told me, but it never happened. Nobody even bothered to update me of the situation.

At around 4:05 PM, my son came and asked me to stay in his apartment. We left my sons phone number and told Robert, one of the shop techs, to call us with any updates.

Receiving no call, we came back at around 6:15 PM to check the car. When we arrived, the car was being checked and tested by Robert. He showed us the blown 30A fuse he had put in when he attempted to start the car.

He told us to leave the car at the shop for 1 or 2 more days so a qualified electrician could diagnose and check it thoroughly. Note that I drove the car from Prescott and had to return home by shuttle bus instead at 10:00 PM.

28 June, Thursday, 2nd day: nobody was working on it when my son went to the shop at around 4:00 PM and according to Robert, they could not attend to it because they were still busy.

29 June, Friday, 3rd day: still no one was working on the car. According to Manager Steve, hopefully this might be checked today by a qualified electrician, who was still busy when my son asked him @ around 4PM 30 June, Saturday, 4th day: when my son went to the shop and talked with Manager Steve he told my son that the starter was not the problem and they have to check further tomorrow. My son asked how many electricians they have and he answered two. But one electrician was leaving that day and he could not assign it to him because if he did not finished, it might be problematic for the other electrician to finish the job.

01 July, Sunday, 5th day: My son didnt go to the shop.

02 July, Monday, 6th day: My son received a message around 11AM from Cindy that they have checked the relay and found it OK and not to be the problem. He came to the shop @ 4PM and talked with Victoria, receptionist and was told Steve was on vacation and Cindy will be taking over for Steve. My son could not speak to Cindy because she was at lunch. My son told Victoria to tell Cindy that it was almost a week and no positive / favorable progress had been done.

03 July, Tuesday, I traveled from Prescott to the shop in Tempe to check personally because my son received a call from Cindy that the ground would possibly be the only problem. My son and I talked with Robert, since Cindy and the electrician were gone. According to him, they still could not locate the problem.

On 04 July, Wednesday at around 11:00AM Cindy called my son that the problem was in the ignition switch which they have ordered and will be delivered after 3-days.

On 06 July, Friday @ around 6:10PM I received a recorded message from Pep Boys @ my home in Prescott, Arizona asking if I have been called about my car. I answered no. I was told that it will be sent to higher management.

07 July, Saturday @ about 4 PM my son received a call from the shop (Cindy) about the arrival of the ordered part made last 04 July. At around 5:30PM, they call back and advised my son that the part they ordered was not compatible as per the electrician. My son went to the shop and tried to talk with the electrician but he was gone. Cindy showed him the work they have done and told my son that it might take a week to get the right part (ignition switch).

09July, Monday, @ about 4PM my son went to the shop and talked with Cindy. He was told that the part they ordered from Mark KIA will be received on Wednesday, 11 July. My son was able to meet and talk with Brian, the electrician.

11th July, Wednesday Cindy called my son @ around 12 Noon and said the ignition switch was received but still was not the right part.

12 July, Thursday (Cindys day off) My son received a call from Wendy saying they sent back the part for replacement this day.

13 July, Friday received the replacement and still not the right parts as called and explained by Cindy to my son

14 July, Saturday my son went to the shop and Cindy explained to him that the connector is too big and needs to be changed again. According to Cindy they called Mark KIA dealer and the dealer ordered two different parts to be delivered on the 17 July.

18 July, Wednesday my son went to the shop and was told that the delivered parts didnt fit again.

20 July, Friday no feed-back/call received and still waiting any development.

26 July, Thursday I was able to get a chance to borrow a car and traveled to the shop in Tempe. I asked one of the attendants of the store for the manager and he pointed out him to me. I approached him at the counter, introduced myself and asked the status of the car.

He told me that they are still waiting for the part, ignition switch from Mark KIA. I asked him about the 50A fuse they put instead of the 30A fuse for the ignition. He told me it was no longer the problem and its now 30A and the problem is the ignition switch which they are tracking with the supplier.

I asked him how long it will take to get the part so I could have an idea and be prepared to possibly ask for help for the inconveniences with which Im dealing. I said that I understood that fixing the car is dependent on the availability of the parts. But why did it take so long to know the problem from June 27 to 04 July.

(Take note that during the course of conversation being an Asian and English is my 2nd language I could not fully and fluently express myself. I have to pause looking for the right words. Consequently, I could not participate in a spontaneous / argumentum conversation). He told me that if I have complaint, I have to go to the supplier and make the complaint and not to him. I was stunned and surprised to hear it from the manager of prestigious company to a customer.

I asked for his card and requested to sign it to validate that I have spoken to him and been there but he refused and told me He would not sign. He even threaten me that he can issue me the release paper of the car. And even told me that I dont understand what Im talking and complaining about. Or may be he was thinking that I am only an Asian as the way he talked and treated me. I was so frustrated of the outcome of my trip and the reception I encountered.

I have sent and not been answered six (6) e-mails to their head office, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania customer care by their web form on June 30, July 04, July 09, July 14, July 21, July 27. My mobility is very much affected and very costly. Up to this time, 02 August no feed-back received/heard from them. Friday, August 17, Cindy called my son to tell him that the car was fixed and ready for pick-up. He told Cindy hell be coming the next day, Saturday.

He talked with Cindy and he was charged $300.00 for the replacement of the ignition switch as well as the clutch switch. My son complained that this could have been avoided if the right 30A ignition fuse was used, instead of the 50A fuse that the technician put in when he replaced and installed the new starter early February.

(Note that smoke came out from the ignition switch area on June 25 when I was trying to start the addition, smoke also came out of the power window of the front passenger side 3 or 4 weeks before the above incident happened. It was then that I discovered that a 50A fuse was sitting in a 30A slot and I became suspicious that the wrong fuse rating might have triggered the damage to the ignition switch and power window.)

The Pep Boys manager, Steve, talked to my son and further explained why the 50A fuse could not have caused the problem to the switches. But my son was not very convinced and was hesitant to accept the explanation. The manager offered that he can deduct only the labor cost of $100, but not the parts (ignition and clutch switches) because they were "outside purchases", according to the manager.

My son paid for and took the car for he knows the sacrifices I have been dealing with for the almost 2-months of waiting. Because the whole ignition assembly was replaced, the ignition key would not work on the doors, so I have to use two different keys. My son checked to make sure that the correct fuse rating (30A) was installed, and that all electric components such as A/C, headlights, signal lights, etc. Were operating.

The questions that linger into my mind now are: 1.0 - Why should we have to pay for the parts replacement? This could have been avoided if they had used 30A instead of 50A and further more it would not have taken almost 2-months. 2.0 - Is the Pep Boys managers statement valid that the 50A fuse used instead of 30A could not cause the problem to the switches? 3.0 - The starter they installed before can only operate on 50A fuse but now with the 30A, it is working. Have they replaced the starter?

4.0 - Could the damage on the power window be accounted for from changing of 30A to 50A fuse? 5.0 - Should they have to replace all the door locks using the same key used in the ignition switch? 6.0 Can action be taken to provide better customer service so others do not experience the frustration and humiliation I experience from the managers treatment in front of the his staff and some customers. 7.0 - Was this whole experience an act of discrimination? 8.0 - Do I deserve to be compensated for the long delays?

With the above, I am asking how I could be helped.

Offender: Pep Boys

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Tempe
Address: 1747 East Apache Boulevard
Phone: 4809677577

Category: Cars & Transport


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