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Clayton Nelson

Very, very cool! Check out the tards facebook... Shows a bunch of complaints on this hack. On his own facebook! He's back down in his hole again. Like an ugly bald gopher. He ain't going away. We all know that. Just soooo cool that we have the tard in check for now. His next move? I say he puts on a wig and comes back as shelly ...

Clayton Nelson
TOTAL bogus pictures. Again

I know its the same old thing... But HES JUST SOOOO LAME!!! Google Clayton Nelson - photographer. And then click under CLAYTON NELSON LOCAL BUSINESS NY, NY... That is some funny stuff! The photo shoot with J Haffner & B Walters...@ HIS HANOVER LOFT!!! Priceless!!! The South Beach spread... Etc, etc, etc... Best part is the ...

Clayton Nelson Pure Retard
Totally wacked 24/7

Clayton nelson is so f in retarded it hurts... Everybody knows what a total and i mean total fraud this clown is... Yet he keeps updating his facebook with more total bs. Yes the bs pictures he never took... Blah, blah, blah... Yo retard... Leave those kids alone! And we all know clayton got raspberries from jerry sandusky! Yea ...