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Elance / upWork
Elance Stole my money

Freelancers and companies hiring them, please BEWARE of Elance / UpWork - They are Corrupt. They simply closed my account and withheld more than $400 of my earnings. They take 8.95% commission, but that doesn't seem to be enough. They stole the whole cow. I had near perfect ratings on their site, and a number of happy ...

Event Aces
Racist/Don't Hire Fair

Racist / they do not hire fair They only hire people they know even though you put your application in they hire someone who hasn't even filled out the application just because it's a friend of a friend I was told that right from the ABC class. The guy said he was hired and didn't even fill out the application not to mention he ...

Marlene Coley / Ms. Modesa
Scam Artist

Ms. Coley / modesa had a program set up where she was supposed to give jobs to children. Comes to find out we had orientation for no reason took pictures for no reason turned in information for no reason. Someone exposes her and she fakes a seizsure when its time to talk to the cops she went to city to get money and was told no ...