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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Clayton Nelson
Trying to cover up complaints

Since he hasn't had a job since 1972 (paper boy).. Our local TARD spent the whole day posting pictures over all the complaints made about him. (a shit load).. They didn't 'stick'... But he's trying. Will keep you posted... Hes using about 5 user names... And with his AUTISTIC IQ OF 65.. It's funny to watch... ...

Carnival Cruise Lines
Fake offer letters

Re: job offer letter Dear Applicant, Kindly open the attached file and read from Carnival Cruise lines, And urgently contact Barrister WILLIAM HAMMINK for your Immediate Visa processing. Contact the barrister via e-mail or Tel using the contact details:- Name: Barrister William Hammink E - email: ...

Chip Coffey
Cyber bully and liar

I want to thank Complaints Board for removing the original thread which was riddled with off topic remarks and missing posts crucial to the "truth" of my story. This is a story of cyber bullying of epic proportions that has taken on a whole new dimension of such callous evil and distortion there are no words to describe the ...