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Teddy Williams And Assc

Teddy williams & associates Address: 33 Bedford Row London WC1R 4JH, England Attention: * How are you today? In regards to your mail there is no way the bank cant deduct the charges from that amount that is to be transfer to you is against the bank law. All i would advice you to make the charges to the bank and complete ...

United Bank Card
Unauthorized charges

This company was contracted to process our credit cards. They charged us more than the stated rate and sold us $800.00 worth of terminals. After a few months they started charging the account with undocumented charges. When asked to document they refused. They continued taking money out of the account even after being notified ...

United Cash Loans

I took a loan out in May 2008 for 200.00. I agreed to the payments and followed through with them as August 2008 I was informed they were illegal lenders in Maine an had a cease and decist order in effect from 2007. I contacted the state and they told me I legally only had to repay the 200.00 I borrowed. When I ...

Walmart Credit Card
Terrible service

GE money bank lowered my credit limit twice by $500 dollars for no reason there has not been any change on my credit report and I have never paid late. I called them to find out what happened and they told me that it was due to a periodic review and could not offer further explanation I talked to the supervisor who could also ...

Wrongfull charges to my Credit Card

I inquired about an online job in the month of October and I was suppossed to have been charged only $1.- for the information, the next day after reading the information, I decided that this type of work was not for me and I sent them an email canceling the membership, now there are charges in my Credit Card from this company ...

Above The Rest Telemarketing
Scam and stealing

Warning - This company is a group of thieves. They will contact you with a program that sounds really good, and if it was as good as it sounds then they would be the best solution to outsource telemarketing ever. The people I dealt with are Mark and Christina (she is the owner of the company.) They claim to work out of Boston, ...