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Bellwood Financial Group
Fraud and cheating

I stupidly sent in the $900 collateral payment (via Money Gram, another $14.16) only to receive a call about 5 hours before the $5000 was supposed to be deposited in my account stating that there was a 'complication' and that I would need to send in ANOTHER 6 months prepayment. Hmmm... I didn't have it so I demanded my money ...

Bellwood Financial
Money stealing company

I wish I would have seen this before I sent them my 6 month security deposit of 976.00 yesterday afternoon. They told me that it was the last day that I could send it and today the number to the company is not even valid anymore. Peter Marshal thank you for taking my car payment with the promise that you would have the money ...

Bad Banking Broke and Cheated me

Bank of America is my mortgage company and they were repeatedly late on my property taxes. The fees are up to almost $250. They delayed payment, they sent a bad check to the accessor and I am left with the bill. I faxed and mailed them repeatedly and they ingore me! This has been going on for well over a year! Also I increased ...

Capital Management
Terrible company

I had received a letter in the mail stating that i had owed monies to a local bank in the area for a bank account that was closed. I contacted the collection agency at my own will to ask about this and work something out. I went ahead and started talking to a young lady who asked for all my information which i gave to her ...

Central Coast Nutraceuticals
Unauthorized charges

I ordered POMclear (because website claimed it was backed by the Oprah Winfrey show -or made it sound as though it was) and ColoPure. I received the 'FREE TRIAL' along with Hoodia Water and Gum with each that I did NOT order, and charges of $48.95 & $49.95. I called and was told to keep the POMclear and ColoPure but return the ...