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Direct TV

Liars/con artists! DIRECT TV promised me 6 months free if I signed up. There were no free months and when i compained they tried to upsell me. The installer also told me what I was signing simply states that the installation was complete. Found out that I signed a 2 yr agreement with a penalty of $467. If i cancel. The ...

Unauthorized charges

Dealmax got a hold of my credit card number through I told them that I never signed up for anything and they told me that I should have know because the charges appeared on my bank statement. At first the customer service agent told me that they could not find me in their system when I gave my information, but ...

Bad service

Commerials, especially the ones that degrade men, disgust me!!! I am so tired of hearing how stupid husbands or boyfriend are... Like they have no brains in their heads, no minds of their own. Like not being able to look in the refrigerator, to box of whole wheat cereal telling the husband to "shut up Steve". What irritates me ...

CitiBank Credit
Unauthorized charges

This is part of my ongoing mess with StoresOnline. When I discovered after the three day period one had to rescind with StoresOnline what a disreputable company they are no matter what complaintsboard says about them, I obtained a provisional credit from Citi. They mailed me correspondence requesting more information. They ...

Chase Credit Card Services
Unauthorized charges

Chase sent us a 3% offer on all transfers for the life of the account, so we transferred the rest of our cards, and closed those accounts, to chase knowing we would not find anything lower than 3%. We mailed in our payment the day we received a bill. For nearly 6 months everything was fine. One month we received our bill on ...