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Bank of America

I have two credit card accounts with Bank of the past few months they have reduced my credit limits; raised my interest rates to almost 30% and gave me an incorrect address to send a letter to 'opt-out' of the higher interest rates. I followed the instructions given to exercise my 'opt-out' right and refuse the ...

Awful bank

I am a wholesale merchant in Texas. I had Texas Bank (never a problem) until Compass took over. At the first of 2008 I had a hot check written to me from a company in california. Compass delayed in notifying me. I went down to the branch myself to find out why my account was in overdraft. At the time we did not have online ...

Digital Outlet Megastore

I was recently on vacation in Kissimmee, Fl and wanted to get a new camera for travel. We went into the Digital Outlet Megastore because it was an "outlet" store and figured we could find a good deal on a good camera. After Carlos showed me an Olympus camera he told me he'd give me good deal on it because I am a photographer ...