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Wells Fargo
Morgage & Auto Loans

I bet I know how Wells Fargo survived the recent Banking meltdown, because they are robbing their customers blind with fees and false charges, they are rude and don't have a clue about Customer Service, their Auto Loan Department calls me at all times of the day, every day, any time even Sundays, I owe them $150.00, and I have ...

Unauthorized billing

BEWARE of extra $14.95 a month charges for life until canceled. Don't think you are just buying cards, shirts, letterhead, etc because when you agree to the terms and conditions you will be enrolled to a 'passport of fun' and or rewards program costing $14.95 per month. Read all of the terms and conditions because one would ...

Ultra Relief
Unauthorized billing

I had a charge on my debit card of 66.90 from a company called Ultra Relief. I had never heard of this before so when I googled them to see who they were I saw this internet site. Apparently they have been taking other peoples money as well. I have already contacted my bank and they are in the process of getting my money back ...