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Performance Health USA
Unauthorized charges

I ordered a trial bottle only, of acai berries which was supposed to contain a month's supply and it had 10 capsules. I woke to discover my account was debited in the amount of $79.76, while checking it on-line this morning. I called the bank and tried to stop payment-not successful. I called the phone number from the company ...

Pioneer Media
Unauthorized charges

An innocuous looking small charged showed up on my current Visa statement. Googleing the transaction description - Pioneer Media LLC - revealed others with the same experience... A charge of $11.99 or similar amounts. It's small enough to go unnoticed in most cases (in my case I don't charge small items though). Keep reporting ...

PMA Group
Big mistake

I prepaid this shyster $5000 for assistance with my career search. I was promised proprietary research and services I could not access without their help. What I got was a useless 'new and improved resume' which garnered very little interest from prospective employers and 'research' that was easily attainable for free on the ...