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Complaint / Review
Laurel Langemier
Live out loud Took my $10,000, made grandiose promises and failed to keep any of them

Laurel Langemeier and her "Live out Loud" program is a fraud. I was captivated by her radio pitch as it sounded good. I was ready for what she described, and I was at a place where I needed something to believe in.

After a few high-pressure/slick sales calls. I decided to give it a try. They of course promise a money back guarantee, but are very crafty in taking just enough time to get past the recision period. They promised one on one mentoring. First off they tell you you have to be accepted. "Got a credit card and a pulse... You're our kind of person!" I knew this was BS at the time, but fraud #1. They told me I had lazy assets and with their specific program I would be making 35% on my money. This is what I enrolled for. I looked around on the internet and found a few bad reviews, but the slick sales man assuaged my doubts by telling me "The internet is like the bathroom wall, anyone can write anything".

The "tele class" I enrolled in only had 1 or 2 participants in the beginning, and by week 4 or 5 it was only me. Part of the classroom experience is to listen to other peoples experience thus having a synergistic effect. There was zero synergy.

The first Teacher I had, was terrible. He nervously regurgitated material and didnt provide much insight. He turned off our phones so we couldnt ask questions. He never went over my financial profile with me which was supposed to be a large part of the mentoring.instead every lesson, or business plan that I sent in was deemed good with not much in the way of guidance offered.

The class was eventually cancelled and I was re-enrolled in a class on a bad night for me, at a different part of the class. I lost forward momentum because of this. It was a struggle to make time on Thursday nights. I told my second teacher that I was disappointed with the service because I could not get through to the service. The other woman on the phone said she had the same problem.

I was promised creative and unique ways to deal with my debt and finances... The only bit of advice I got was Put this class on a 0% credit card. Not exactly what I had in mind for $10,200.

I was promised investment advise and was told by my "teacher" I have to be careful what I say because I can get in trouble... So he was so vague about his advise, which rendered it useless.

After more phone calls I was put in a one-on-one mentoring program. Her time was very tight so it was difficult to schedule times. She told me to go to Detroit to buy property. I had a contact who was facilitating deals that I had been talking to. She convinced me to talk to someone else who wasted my time and disappeared. The one thing I was hoping for was to get her to look at my financial profile with me, but due to her family being in town my subscription ran out and I never got this achieved.

I tried again in vein to get some satisfaction and was even told I might get Laurel herself to work with me. That never happened. These people are white collar crooks.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME WITH THEIR PROGRAMS. You will regret it. I'm now paying for that mistake with large monthly credit card payments. Had I NOT enrolled in the "program" my finances would be fine. I tried getting my money back through my credit card but it was too late.

Offender: Laurel Langemier

Country: USA
Phone: 8882622402

Category: Business & Finance


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