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Complaint / Review
Saxon Mortgage Services Inc
To date our efforts to attain information, co-operation or assistance in Loan Modification has been at best contradictory and frustrating!

Following is a 'to date' account of our experience with Saxon Mortgage Services in Ft. Worth, TX, while trying to get a 'loan modification' initiated 36 days prior to missing our first ever payment:

As this is our FIRST home / mortgage and due to the present economy, change in our financial status and Mortgage Legislations by President Bush, we chose to notify and seek affordable alternatives in the restructuring of our current mortgage in an attempt to come to a mutually amicable new agreement.
To date our efforts to attain information, co-operation or assistance in Loan Modification has been at bestcontradictory and frustrating, the following timeline, to the best of our knowledge, of our efforts should clearly illustrate our frustrated attempts:

On or about Jan. 25-Contacted Saxon Mortgage for Loan Modification info.

Feb. 7,1:50pm-Spoke with Leshana, as to why we had not received any info regarding our request apprised her of our financial situation and queried about Loan Modification as at this point we knew we would not be able to make the March payment and wanted to make sure that we had all necessary documentationLeshana tells us that we may not be able to apply for Loan Modification until such time as we are 3 months behind in our payments at this time we are not or have ever been late with any mortgage payments.

Feb. 10-Having finally received instructions as to pertinent documentation necessary we send initial fax to, consisting of 116 pages.

Feb. 15-Spoke with Judy / ID 8225 to find out if they had received fax as we had not received any confirmation from Saxon. Judy admits to some confusion in the office and recommends that we resend to her private fax #, whereupon receipt she would forward to Loss-Mitigation in the event they could not find it. Due to the first fax being misplaced we asked if it might be more reliable to send hard copy certified through US mail, Judy says NO and intimates that double copies/transmissions tends to confuse the Mitigation department and they would most likely throw us out or put us at the bottom of the list.

Feb. 15-Later this same day we call to get confirmation of receipt of second fax attemptspoke with Angela who left message for Judy.

We are at this time instructed to remain patient, as the process takes time and many homeowners were in this situation ahead of us. We also find out that any partial payment would be unacceptable.

Mar. 11-We receive our very first delinquent notice, with no indications of any previous contact or attempts at resolution based on our initial contact around Jan. 25 and in fact had received, to date, NO correspondence from Saxon in regards to any of our above requests this silent period of time prompts us to call Saxon for a progress update with our account. This time we speak with Edith and once again reiterate our situation and efforts to date. Edith instructs us to email w/documentation attached.

Mar. 18- Having received no confirmation of receipt on the email sent w / attached personal and confidential information we call Saxon at 11:56am est., speak with Amberto who confirms receipt of our requested documentation package (whether fax or email remains unknown) and that we are now on the LIST with Loss-Mitigation!

Mar. 31,12:25pm est.- We call Saxon for status of process, in speaking with Philip ID # 2779, he talks about expediting Work out package with Loss-Mitigation due to prior confusion and or loss of our documentation, confirms that all our paperwork is good, that we are on the LIST and that an Agent from Loss-Mitigation would be calling.

April 3,12:22pm - Called to verify our status, spoke with Crystal who also verifies what Philip had told us on Mar. 31.

Receive delinquent notice for April and on or about April 25 we receive letter from Loan Workout outlining possible options, Loan Modification being one of the options.

May 2,1:39pm est.- No Agent has called we call Saxon referencing the above letter, speak with Crystal (first instance of speaking with any person twice) who confirms that we are on LIST and to continue to wait for the Agent to call.

To date NO Agent from Loss-Mitigation has contacted us, also during the phone conversations with the above personalities we are told to hold on to what money we had as this should all be worked out prior to due dates and that there would be fees for the restructure of our current mortgage and progression into NEW loan arrangement.

We are now curious as to the TRUTH that may or may not be coming from Saxon representatives as we never (one exception) speak to the same person twice and each has their own interpretation of policy and progress in our particular situation. During these conversations we were also denied extension #s for any of the personnel previously talked to. And continually stress the fact that we don't want to lose our home, that we can work things out if we can get our mortgage reduced!

Contradictions and confusion from Saxon escalate:

May 5,12:14pm est.- Called, spoke with Anna, who states that we should be hearing from Loss-Mitigation and in the same breath also states that they can't find all 116 pages of our documentation sent 3 times to that office we are now put on hold while Anna confers with a Supervisor, 10 minutes later, Anna returns and informs us that we'll be contacted within 48 hours and that the moment they receive our Certified Mail Package, our case would be expedited due to the apparent confusion within their offices.

May 6,8pm est.- We get a call from a lady named Cain who states that we are 2 months behind in our payments and that if we couldn't send the monies within 3 weeks that they would be taking our houseappears that she is from Collections and not the Agent we were expecting to return our calls!

After reciting our entire history to date with Cain, she informs us that they only received 22 pages of our 116 page fax and that the most important document needed was our Hardship letter we promptly apprised her of the placement of the Hardship letter as pages 2,3 and 4 of the faxes/email sent. We decide to send our documentation for a 4th time via US Mail.

May 9, AM - We receive confirmation of delivery of our 116 page document package sent to Saxon/Loss-Mitigation, Ft. Worth, TX via certified, return/receipt signature US Mail, signed for by Lowell Martin at 9:01 am, Texas time.

May 9,4:34pm est.- Call to confirm receipt of package, speak with Tanya ID# 9603 who confirms receipt and that someone would contact us within 48 hours. We reply that we've been told this in the past and to date no-one from your offices has complied, we then request to speak to a Supervisor/Manager from Loss-Mitigation and are told by Tanya that there are no Supervisors/Management present and the company has NEW rules that no-one is to be put through to Supervisors or Management. We then query as to the recording of these conversations and ask under the advisement of our Lawyer to request transcripts of our conversations with Saxon, to which she replied she would have to speak to her Supervisor that previously in this conversation was not present we are put on hold for about 12 minutes. Tanya returns to inform us that since our case isn't in the hands of their Lawyers, we were refused copies of those transcripts then repeats that a representative of Loss-Mitigation would contact us within 48 hours and 14-21 business days wait for the process to complete yet again.

On this day we are also in receipt of a letter from Goldbeck, McCafferty & McKeever stating Saxon's intent to foreclose on our house..

In closing it is apparent to us that something is not kosher in our case as we acted with timeliness and due diligence, evidently to NO avail. We have been told by other Homeowners in a similar situation that the process is long and frustrating, one in particular started the same process with a different mortgage company one week after us and has already settled into her new Loan Modification as of last week, with no additional fees being incurred.

One can only conclude after reading all the above that:

First Line communication employees at Saxon are scripted or inept, either on their own or at the behest of Management

Saxon Mortgage Services Inc. Has NO intent of resolve/compliance of Loan Modification or Work-Out through Loss-Mitigation

The purposeful obstruction of our efforts to resolve for the ultimate gain of the Lien Holder as indicated through the loss of our documentation, denial of records, admitted general inter-office confusion and inability to follow-up on promises.

Offender: Saxon Mortgage Services Inc

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Fort Worth
Address: 4708 Mercantile Drive North
Phone: 8005940422

Category: Business & Finance


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