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5/3 Bank
Installment auto loan

I bought a vehicle in October which is financed by 5/3 bank. My first payment was on time however the teller did not realize that the bank does not accept credit card cheques. I called the bank because I didn't receive a receipt and was told that I can make my payment with the next month's payment d/t that error. I went to the bank to make the payments in three checks, one for each month and one for the late fee which they said may be waived. So on top of being charged a late fee, I received a call from a creditor warning me that my car was up for Repossession on the day that I had already made my payments as agreed! I had to give my personal info on that day to pay the extra month's car note. I still was receiving calls at work with threats from nasty 5/3 CSR's stating that I was a month behind, then when I called I got an apology because their system couldn't show all the information because it was turned over to the collection department. Then. More drama in March I received a letter stating that they didn't get my car insurance info and they need it to be faxed to them or they will purchase a policy for me. I refaxed it and thought that it was taken care of, then I got a final warning in April telling me I had 10 dyas or they'd purchase a policy for me. I faxed the old insurance and the new insurance info to the insurance department and was told that the previous fax must have been illegible & may have been thrown away. I called on the tenth day to make sure that the info was there and was assured that the fax was recieved. Then a few days later another call! I spoke with the insurance department again and the gentleman said that he sees my calls into them, as well as my faxes, my old insurance was in a different area - but the number of the policy seemed off to him, however since my old policy could not be found in the insurance company's website, they could not honor my fax. I told him that when I called the number on the letter provided it says that my account is fine so please fix whatever the issue is and stop the calls. He said they still purchased the insurance policy even though the letter said it would be purchased on April 10th if I DID NOT send my insurance info again! I was assured that he'd stop the calls in the meantime and just pay the extra $49.30 with my next payment before May 15th until they can fix the insurance issue. I agreed to do so if they'd credit me back once they fix their system - because the calls from the CSR's are to collect an overdue payment from December - a supposed glitch! It is now May 7th and I am getting 5-8 calls per day starting at just before 8am and until 9pm! I got a call at 9am and then again at 10:12am today, which I answered and said that I have already spoken to insurance department, I was assured that the calls would stop from a supervisor, and I am not behind on any payments please do not call me at work. The CSR said "Either you talk to me right now about your account or you will keep getting calls.", I said, " Ma'am I have spoken to various people and was assured that these calls would have stopped as of April 26th, please do not call again, I am at work and I have to hang up now.", She said, "Well, you'll keep getting these calls then since you don't want to talk to me!", in an elevated tone; then after, I hung up... What should I do?

Offender: 5/3 Bank

Country: USA

Category: Business & Finance


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