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Complaint / Review
Hsbc Orchard Bank Mastercard
Wiped out by hsbc left penniless

On March 15.2008 I made an over the phone payment with Orchard Bank to my mastercard acct for $115.00 on March 18 while checking the status of my accts that I did O.T.P. Payments with there wer about 4 I was totally shocked when I heard the recording on my HSBC acct. State, " Thank you for your payment of $1150.00 I felt at first confused and the petrified oh my god I thought did they make a mistake and just give me the wrong info, was it just an error on their behalf and I now had $1150.00 worth of credit instead of $300.00 I immediatly hung up and called my bank I was horrified to hear that I had been wiped out about 45 minutes earlier they took every penny I had. I panicked. I had written out about 18 checks that were all about to hit the bank any day. I phoned HSBC to see if they could reverse the transaction as it had just happened. Now also note this payment was not suppose to come out until March 22 They not only took all my money they took it 4 days early. I asked to speak with a supervisor who told me unfortunatly their was nothing they could do I had to fiole all kinds of reports ect and I should have my money back in my acct in 4-6 weeks. I went hysterical at this time I had no money 18 checks about to hit the bank and they could only tell me that they wouold reimburse me rfor all fees and consequences that circumvented from their mistake. What happened over the course of the next 4 weeks was a nightmare. My bank I was told could of had the money back in my acct wiothin 48 hours by fioling an unauthorized transaction form which they refused to do as they claimed this was not their mistake. I will file another report on that issue. Anyway every penny I had was tied up in that card. I had no choice but to use it for everything. I wound up taking my car insurance money on March 22 and depositing it into my acct. Hoping I could work some5thing out quicker then I was told. I could not let all those checks I had written out bounce., This was the first payment I was making oin many of these accts in 4-5 monthes as my finances were totally directed towards rhesearch for my missing 22 year old d. Aughter who had disappeared in Sept. While in Costa Rica, I simply did not want my first payment to bounce. I was told atround March 25th that my money had been wired to my acct it never was I was given the run around around about that for about a week. I went to use the credit card to pay my insurance but now I had no credit they deducted the funds from the acct. But now no one could tell me where the money actually was. I was told next the money was overnighted by DHL. This was a friday It never came, this went on for about a week. Then I was told they sent the check to the wrong adress I said you just send a $1,000.00 check by delivery and don't request a signature? No was the response we do not require a signature. Then it was lost in their office in the meantime I had called DHL and they had no piuckup listed for the Baltimore office where I was told the check was being sent out of. One nightmare after another. Now my car insurance had been cancelled I had fees coming in left and right my check to the electric co. Bounced I had not one penney to my name or credit. My money was somewhere in cyberspace. I finallt got the check and now we are on to the second nightmare. MAs instructed I dathered up all the info of all my fees and consequences that resulted from this error and put them in an envelope unfortunatly I sent originals as I was told to do as the woman stated it would quicken the process as a copy could be altered so it would have to be checked out before they would reimburse me. Made sense. So off I sent about $900.00 worth of damages including the car insurance as if they had not made this error I would of been able to pay it and not be cancelled as I was. My only option was to go out and get different insurance. Another story to long to go into but the avalanch of disaster that has hit me as a result of all this is devastating. Anyway I put it all in the mail adressed to Monetary Research as they said I could not send it certified to a specific person. Okay That was 2 weeks ago I have called everyday and low and behold I am being told that all my original statements have not arrived in their office They are telling me I have to resend the info as they cannot reimburse me on my word. So now I am trying to get all this info back I have spent almost everyday since this has happened on March 18 approx. 3-4 hours a day on the phone on the computer. It has been a horrible horrible expierence. I am so afraid they are going to keep giving me the run around and I will never recoupe my losses. I have tried to contact Dept. Heads District supervisors ect to no avail. Can I sign a lawsuit against these people? My post office said there really is no way to track this envelope because I was told I couldn't send it registered. It appears they have covered their back on every angle. The worst part is when they gave me the refund they withdrew what was suppose to be the payment and as it was my only bit of finances for awhile I used it for everything They had the gall to then charge me over the limit fees and late fees as now it appears that I have not made a payment. Has anyone else out there have this happen to them
? What did you do? How did you get your money back. After reading several inserts about this company I do not see how they are even allowed to stay in buisiness with the scams they hjave pulled on people. It's a down right disgrace. I will not let this go. I want my money hsbc and i will not stop until i get it!!!

Offender: Hsbc Orchard Bank Mastercard

Country: USA   State: Maryland   City: Baltimore
Address: P.O. Box 88000
Phone: 5036862848

Category: Business & Finance


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