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Complaint / Review
Check Processing Bureau
Enforcement Division - Mark Wheeler Scammers Pond Scum

I think by now we all know how the story goes here concerning this company however I must say I have in my letter something that no one else has mentioned is in theirs, so of course after all the jargin about other attempts to satisfy this debt going ignored and how it is a serious crime to to write bad checks in my state and I am exposing myself to heavy fines, arrest and imprisonment and that my Check Fraud File is currently under attorney review (By the way I wonder why their fraud file hasn't been reviewed by their attorney's!!! LOL) Failure to resolve this matter will cause a ceommenddation to initiate civil and or criminal check fraud charges with my local/county district attorney.

Now here is where I have something stated that I haven't read anyone else say is in their letters, after the last threat in the letter regarding filing charges on me, it goes on to state, if you have already been contacted by your local law enforcement officials regarding this matter "PLEASE DO NO CALL THIS OFFICE"

I find that abit amusing myself. I knew right away this wasn't real because of the who the checks were written to, one being foot locker in the amount of 319.68 and the second being ValueCity in the amount of 288.18. Although both of those stores exsist where I live, I have never stepped foot into a ValueCity in my life! That told me this wasn't right, now did I think to myself "Is someone using my name to pass bad checks?" sure I did for about a nano second until it dawned on me that chances are with my credit no one would want to steal my i.D., I know sad to say about myself but it is the truth.

Being young and dumb I ruined my credit very quickly and have spent the last 10 years tying to repair it and although I am able to hold a checking account, I truly believe most I.D. Thefts are done to those who have credit otherwise the theif has nothing to gain by taking the I. D of someone who has crappy credit?

Anyways I am glad I knew to come to this site, not because I was about to send these people money but because I think the more people who write these reports the better the chance of someone being saved by them. I think I am going to give these people a call and scam them and make them think I am going to rush out and send them my husbands hard earned money western union no less and let them sit waiting and wondering where it is.

Offender: Check Processing Bureau

Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York
Address: 130 Church Street Suite 176
Phone: 8882383290

Category: Business & Finance


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