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Complaint / Review
Cenergy Consulting Group, Inc. Katherine Spencer
Cenergy consulting group, inc. Katherine spencer paid in full up front $699.00 the best in credit repair... 60 days later, credit report had not even been requested! You are fired! Was my next words!

February 8 5:26 PM I over night a package with contract, full payment and what I thought would be a professional working on my personal credit report and may I say... I was refered to this agency as a top notch consulting group.

For the next several days, my mind was completely on my Fashion Line at the Magic which ran for 4 days. With several weeks after traveling and visiting clients.
A week went by and I still had not heard from Katherine via email as I sent her one to verify she was getting contract etc. I then attempted to call Katherine Spencer, I left several messages, and there was a period of a weeke that her voice mail was full, and her voice message was out of date on another instance, This is was not good, and after three weeks, I called the person who referred me to her, who also was having trouble reaching her.

I finally got a call back from her, and her tone was a bit matter of fact, I asked her if she had everything and said yes., it would be 30 or 35 days from when she requested the reports before we would see the credit reports to come to my mailbox, at that time I asked her where the forms are to be filled out as her contract stated, so we knew what items to address, for disputing purposes. Her response, we do not need that, as we will dispute everything.

Well that was end of February, I called her Middle of March, wondering what the status was, I always had to initiate the calls, except for once when she called a bit frantic, needing me to fax over my address, as the address was not verifiable, that call took place on March 17, I send over what she needed, and tried to call her back and couldnot reach her. Sunday March 23rd I emailed her asking if she could give me an update. As It was well over 45 days and now she was asking about address info and had not run my credit yet? I finally get her on the phone of the 26th, as I had not gotten an email. Things just were going bad from here. She was not understanding as to why I had a concern and the unprofessional manner in which she spoke to me, as I asked her to send over what exactly was she sending on my behalf, she refused to share anything, and obviously she forgot who paid her in full and that she was to be giving me some kind of answers to why we are this behind the 8 ball. I offered in an email to help with what ever we had to do, because once she was being put on the spot she just hung up on me. What a professional person. It blew my mind that she had as much manners as barn animal in mud. Just totally un acceptable. I emailed her and basically gave her a time to call me back by and I waited, nothing happened she did not take my calls, so my next email to her and I copied everyone that referred me to her and I Fired Her.
Actual email:

Wed, 2 Apr 16:45: 43 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Milka xxxxxxxxx" View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
To: "Cenergy Consulting Group, Inc."


I am not interested in continuing to work with you. I am not satisfied after this email that you will be representing me in the up most professional manner.

From your contract-" #4 Client Responsibility to provide you with accurate information and to provide that information on a properly completed Dispute Verification Form, in the form provided to client by Cenergy Consulting Group, INC... The client agrees to complete the dispute form to the best of his or her knowledge. Give me a break. Maybe if you did this part this would not of happened. I sent you a driver's license, and a copy of front and back... This is why I do not feel you know what you are doing, you cannot even follow your own procedures... Or is this someone elses contract.?? I called you asking where this form was, remember. Your answer, i do not need it, WE WILL DISPUTE EVERYTHING.???

I demand my money to be returned in a money order form, immediately. I want a faxed copy of the money order sent to my office in ca
xxxxxxxxxxx by thursday morning. Tomorrow. 699.00

If you do not comply, I will be going to the TV stations in your city, and filing a formal complaint and making sure they see what kind of business you are running. I have not one ounce of patience left for you. I HAVE YOUR CONTRACT, YOUR NAME, YOUR EMAILS.

You bring no value to what you can do for me. I am thru with your rude tactics, and misrepresentation. Full REFUND PLEASE
file a formal complaint with BBB where you work, and live.

I paid you in full and immediatly, i expect what you said you could do., not attitude when you are asked why things aregoing a little slower. You could of just been nice and professional about it, send me something that would of suffice, no instead you just hang up on me, and cannot handle the escalated concern. That was justifiable
remember who is the client. And who already paid in full. You are rediculous to think you can send me an email like this.

You are fired!!!

Well here is the story,, It was promised to me now over 3 weeks ago, that she would send me half of the money... Which I accepted, but I am still waiting for it and today is exactly 3 three weeks and I still have not seen anything... I decided to at least let everyone know that you better make sure you do not ever ever ever pay up front for something Like this... That was my BIGGEST MISTAKE. AND I HOPE I HAVE HELPED SOMEONE ELSE NOT DO WHAT I DID...

Las Vegas, Nevada

Offender: Cenergy Consulting Group, Inc. Katherine Spencer

Country: USA   State: California   City: Santa Barbara
Address: 3905 State Street
Phone: 8054350328

Category: Business & Finance


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