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Moldy dog food

I purchased a 3.5 bag of Healthy (?) Variety Mix PREMIUM DOG FOOD at my local Food Lion store in Milford, DE - only to find the contents to be MOLDY upon opening. I fed it to the dogs for several meals before I noticed the problem. The dogs acted like they were not feeling well and I didn't realize WHY. ...

Lilnudists cattery, April Arguin, Kristin Herstine
Lilnudists cattery, selling sick cats, voiding contracts and blaming buyers

I am the owner of a sick cat that was sent to us by Lilnudists cattery / April Arguin / Kristin Herstine. When the cat was sent to me, she was small, however she was a baby and was told she came with a clean bill of health from their vet. When she arrived, she would not eat the Raw food that April told me she was being fed the ...