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Home Pet Dog Food
Moldy dog food

I purchased a 3.5 bag of Healthy (?) Variety Mix PREMIUM DOG FOOD at my local Food Lion store in Milford, DE - only to find the contents to be MOLDY upon opening. I fed it to the dogs for several meals before I noticed the problem. The dogs acted like they were not feeling well and I didn't realize WHY. ...

Lilnudists cattery, April Arguin, Kristin Herstine
Lilnudists cattery, selling sick cats, voiding contracts and blaming buyers

I am the owner of a sick cat that was sent to us by Lilnudists cattery / April Arguin / Kristin Herstine. When the cat was sent to me, she was small, however she was a baby and was told she came with a clean bill of health from their vet. When she arrived, she would not eat the Raw food that April told me she was being fed the ...

K9 Training Academy
Animal cruelty and verbal abuse

Stay away I would like to start by saying that everything I will say here is backed up by written evidence. Except for one phone conversation, I can back all claims with screenshots or copies of what was actually written to me. My only intention is to write the kind of review I wish I would have read before leaving my dogs at ...