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Studio 6 #6050
Kissimmee Florida Abusive Staff And Guests Prejudicial Management Harasses And Assaults Me

Studio 6 #6050
5733 West Irlo Bronson Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34746
407-390-1869,407-390-1952 Fax
Manager Debbie McClugh

I visited there from 11/10/2010 to 12/07/2010 in room 104 and during that time I was subject to repeated instances of what would be considered harassment from other guests and office staff. Calls and letters to the corporate office had the person there claim they supported the manager in her decision and that would seem to indicate that management believes it has the right to physically assault guests if by no other means than hitting them in the head with doors, the headboard of their bed, or the table they are sitting at. All clever constructs that would have someone hit you with the door they just opened in your face or by kicking the table you are working at by bashing on the one on the other side of the wall as they "Cleaned" the room next door. To me it is the same thing, you intended to hit me and did just that by hiding in the other room to do so.

For the month that I was there I had the following things go on that included:

Having the front office clerk named Jay indicate to me that "The jury is still out" making the implication that I am part of the Studio 6 "People's Court".

The smoking maintenance person needlessly come to my room, knock and then open the door too quickly in an attempt to hit me with it while I looked out to see who it is. This was done to deliver a package that I was on my way to pick up myself.

A short Hispanic housekeeper as he cleaned the room next to mine on 11/17, kick on the wall mounted table in his room so hard it all but knocked the laptop computer I was using at my table onto the floor, shoving my hands out of the way in the process. Had I been eating soup or steak I likely could have burned or cut myself, this stunt was performed on 2 different days in the same manner. Later and interim dialog between him and the other housekeeper, both male, had one complain to the other "You keep pushing my buttons" to which the table kicking cleaner said "I am just here fighting my war!". This sure seems to be the case and the guests are the targets.

A Black Male driving a Brown Impala Florida tag 753 WEU in Room 102 on 11/20 repeatedly and intermittently bash on the headboard on the wall across from mine. This went on for some time, at some times it was loud, and other times he just would tap on it every 2 or 3 minutes for hours at a time. During the day and for hours at night also. This combined with the table bashing housekeeper's want to deliver that person's mail, and the other comments made all of that a sexual reference.

For a time there was coincidentally enough a Black female who drove a different but identical colored Impala upstairs who on the same date until 5am allowed her child to bash on the floor, ran the TV so loudly the whole building must have been able to hear it, and I finally had to complain and the office clerk agreed it was "excessive" and asked them to keep it down. One office manager commented this woman was a "Local" and just came here to have fun. Meaning as I figured out about most of these people, they had no reason to be there and I'd bet most of them care there to make trouble for me, and that is what they were doing.

Again there was a concern with housekeeping upstairs on 12/02 2-3pm, bashing on the walls, pounding on the floors, and making an incredible amount of noise.

Later that room would be occupied by people who drove a Red HHR - Florida tag U36 3XR on 12/01 12/02 a Hispanic male and female, and the noise they made was incredible. Some of it had to be computer generated as it sounded like people were prying apart portions of the wall, pounding on the floor with a hard object such as a bowling pin, bashing on the walls, forcing the AC unit out of the wall, and this went on and on and on and on. Later they would come down the stairs next to my unit and I caught them repeatedly staring into the small opening the drape allowed for people to see into. The woman was CONSTANTLY staring in there to see who was in there and when. Other female guests did the same thing by sitting on the stairs and smoking staring into my room all day long. Walking over to laundry or vending you had the same thing, smoke all the time and ash being flicked onto your head from above, just out of sight these people and the crap that went on.

On the other side where the housekeeper bashed on my wall, people who drove a Black Ford Escape Florida tag 374 LBC on 12/01 12/02 would make the comment very very loudly, Father to Son no doubt for my benefit, "Did you Jack Off". He later would sit outside and smoke a cigar at night so I had to wake up breathing his stink, they would later BACK their SUV up to my door and leave it run for a long time filling my room with Carbon Monoxide and exhaust fumes, this no doubt was the idea.

Finally I got to the point enough was enough, I had wanted to stay longer and finish my business in the area, I had just arrived and this mess started, and I wrote a letter indicating I was being harassed by staff and other guests and I wanted the manager to intervene. Upon checking in I was initially greeted by Debbie McClugh who was brusque, seemed right away to indicate I was not welcome there for some reason, and by the manner and tone that she asked me "Can I help you" it seemed as though she preferred not to honor my reservation. As it would later turn out, this was the case for some reason and I doubt that all that transpired with my stay there was happenstance or coincidental.

Towards the end of my initial month and once I went to renew my stay, and with the expectation I'd be still there since I had food items and perishable goods arriving that afternoon, Mc Clugh indicated she had read my letter and she would not be honoring my reservation. She went on to say that she did not feel she could accommodate me, that there were children there, making possibly the implication I was not welcome for some reason because of that, I'd have no idea why and she does not know me from anyone else, or it would imply that parents can allow their kids to run amok until 5am and make as much noise as they want, also not appropriate. She went on to imply that I had no right to accuse her housekeeper of anything, as though they are above reproach. Or that kicking on my table to hit me with it, or opening the door into my head is something they had the right to do.

She then indicated since she realized she had been backed into a corner likely, maybe expecting me to blow up at her or some such and that never happened either, she relented but then indicated I'd have to move to an upper room near the office BUT I could not complain. This seems odd also, and if I can not raise concerns about staff or other guests doing inappropriate things, then how is that going to work. I indicated I could not promise her that if a concern arises that I'd not complain about it, that seems obvious and fair. She could not accept that, asked if I wanted to go next door to Motel 6, and I said what does that solve? I need to cook, I have food here, I am not going to carry it over there, I am disabled, and none of that made any sense. With that, she announced that she has changed her mind again, and I had to leave in 2 hours, all complete nonsense and because I complained about people bashing on my wall, hitting me in the head, pounding on the headboard, bashing on the floor, and blasting their TV until 5am. I said perfect, this is just what I need and this is the perfect way to handle that situation.

My guess is that this was directed at me specifically to retaliate or otherwise punish me for some sin they thought I must have and as the office clerk said one evening "The jury is still out" and I just decided I was not there for the "People's Court", they must have had other ideas.

I'd not do business with that Hotel ever again, certainly while that manager is still there. They seem to have some funny ideas about how to do business.

Offender: Studio 6 #6050

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Kissimmee
Address: 5733 West Irlo Bronson Hwy
Phone: 4073901869

Category: Traveling & Tourism


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