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College Book Renter,, Phony charges, misrepresentation, and bad customer service

I have recently had dealings with the mentioned "culprits". I ordered, or rather rented a book from them. When my term was up I sent the book back. After sending the book back I was charged $38. They did not tell me why before charging me. I emailed them. They still had no answer. I was finally able to get in touch with somebody the following week as to why this happened.

Upon recieving the book they claim it had significant water damage. I am not claiming that it was not damaged. The pages were a bit "dog eared" in the top corners. When I received the book I thought nothing of it, after all I am renting a used book. But, I sent the book back to them in the very same condition I received it. And I was also able to use the book for all of its purposes with out a problem, I could read it and understand it perfectly, just slight cosmetic damage.

They are claiming it was my responsibility to let them know that it was not in pristine condition when I received it. Also they claim that I agreed they may charge my account without notice, should any issues arise.

Let's suppose here, I buy a cheeseburger, and am not completely satisfied. I go into said restaraunt, and take the money out of the register, as I see fit, without even telling them why, and walk out. Would I get away with this? The answer is obviously no, so why should a corporation be allowed to write a loophole stating that they can do this?

They also informed me that I cannot have the book back either. So I unknowingly paid for a book, that I am to assume, is damaged, without proof or representation. As I am writing this they have not even reported on my college book renter account that they have received the book. Somebody made the decision to charge me, without letting any other department, or me know, why this was being done.

The agent I talked to told me this is policy and there is nothing that can be done about it. Also they let me know I was taking up time (25 minutes) and there are other paying customers who need to be attended.

P.S. I reviewed the shipping policy, return policy, terms and conditions, and the privacy policy. No where in any of these mentioned, is there a disclaimer saying I need to inform them of the condition upon arrival (they don't check them before they send them, especially when it is being sent from a third party who does not tell them what state or condition the book is in when shipped), or that they are allowed to process money from my bank account without my consent.


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