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Complaint / Review
Kelly Corrao Finnigan Sonrisa Chihuahuas
Ripped me off sold me a 1.15 chihuahua instead of a 8 ounce dog!

I have been quiet way to long, but I am sick of people asking me about the fake emails kelly wrote!!! The truth is now coming out!!!

I contacted Kelly about a 8 ounce 10 week old chihuahua she had posted on next day pets. She swore up and down the dog was 8 ounces! I even wrote it on the paypal payment the dog was to be 8 ounces and if not I was entitled to a full refund!

I took the dog to the vet immediatly and was 1lb15 ounces and they vet said he was lucky to be 8 weeks if that!!! I contacted her immediately and asked for a partial refund so i could rehome the dog at a reasonable price, o one in their right mind would pay 2200 for 1lb15 ounce pup!!! She went nuts! SO i called paypal and my credit card company. Paypal told me to file item not recd, since I did not get the "item" which I paid for. I did, then I explained it in FULL detail to my credit card company. I paid for a 8 ounce dog and got a dog that was 4 times the size, I explained to them the reason you pay so much is tiny chihuahuas are rare and cost much more!

I provided all information to my cc company, photos of the dog in the ad, photos and a sigend photo of the dog on the vets scale, a vets letter, etc. The credit card company decided in my favor. You can NOT win a dispute based on lies! You need to have all facts!!! Which I did!

Kelly went mentally over the edge as you can read in her reports here! I never thought much of them, I thought anyone reading them would see she is not in her right mind and would pay not attention to them. I just want to clarify all...

What Kelly writes in her reports here, shows a very imcompetent, mentally challanegd person. It is quite sad she needs to make comments about my weight, my boyfriend, my family and my financial situation. None are true.

I have no desire to be writing this, as I chose to ignore it, but a few people have asked me about it, they know NONE of it is true. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my dogs, the care I take of them, and how I play fair. I expect what I pay for and if it is not, I will go after the person. I dont take to being ripped off...

It is sad that Kelly had to go so low, to write insane ramblings, but I guess a scammer is a scammer and they always need to have the last word!

I had to get a restraining order against her, due to her phone calls, she called NON stop one morning and left the most insane horrific voice mails! How I should have been aborted before I was born, that i should comitt suicidie, that she was coming to bury me. She only stopped once the Detective called and warned her, one more phone call, email, etc. And she would be arresetd. That still holds true to this day.

I would highly advise against buying a dog from her, as A) you wont get what you are promised and B) when you fight back this is what will happen to you.

I did not lie, cheat or steal, I simply did a chargeback on a dog that was NOT as described. And I have no problem doing chargebacks on any item that I have been lied to about. I am all for honesty and fairness. I am sure more fake reports will show up about me now. And I dont really care. Just this AM I got a email from someone who had gotten a email that kelly ripped them off too

Here it is
I am looking for a breeder named Kelly Corrao. She sells dogs under the kennel name Sonrisa. She claims to be a Vet Tech and operates some supposed 2nd chance chihuahua rescue. I sent her money to an address in Fox Lake Illinois. She has taken that money and will not meet me with a puppy or return it. If you know of her or where she is living please let me know. I am taking her to court and need her address.

Offender: Kelly Corrao Finnigan Sonrisa Chihuahuas

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Spring Grove
Address: Spring Grove Il

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