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Complaint / Review
Kelly Corrao Finnigan Sonrisa Chihuahuas
Liar Cheater Scammer DONT BUY A DOG FROM HER!

Kelly Corrao Finnigan is a HUGE scammer. She had the police called on her once again last night after about 30 harassing insane emails.

She lied about a dogs size and age. The dog was supposed to be 2lbs grown, it was 2lbs at 8 weeks! Paid TOP dollar for the dog.

I won a dispute, she lost it, she went pshyco and posted insane ramblings on here, on my voicemails and emails.

My local police dept was contacted, a detective was put in charge of my case. He called her and told her if she did not stop harassing me she would be arreseted. SHe did not listen and has started again!

I have been way to quiet about her fake and bogus reports. Now more people are coming out saying Kelly ripped them off too. I got a email from a Donna at divinty persians, saying kelly took her money and dog. She never showed up. She left her text messages saying haha cant find me. Typical behavior of this woman.

If you read the reports she writes you will notice how mentally unstable and out of her mind she is.

The police were very distrubed by her voicemails, in which she states she is "coming to bury me, I should comitt suicide and my parents should have aborted me" amongst many other nasty racial comments.

All she can do is come on ripoff, try to make fun of how much i weigh, say insane mental things about me, and tell lies.

To be honest, in the past i did not care, i figured anyone who read those would know just by reading how insane that woman is, NORMAL people dont post reports like that kelly, thats right NORMAL, which you are not. Far from it... I was also told by the police and my attorney to ignore her, that it would drive her mad and make her dig a deeper hole for herself. But at this point with another victim beign scammed and people reading, I feel as though it is my time to share the truth..

Stay away from this woman, she is 100% mentally disturbed as you can see from her postings about me. ANyone in their right mind does not post such ramblings. I won the dispute fair and square, I provided paypal and my credit card with ALL appropirate documentation.

To this day Kelly Corrao Finnigan still owes PAYPAL the money.

Last night one of her insane rambling emails, "Steve... Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me... Don'tcha...:)"

She does not even OWN the parents to these dogs she is a broker. She gets them and resells them... She is and has NOT been a vet tech. She is NOT involved in ANY chihuahua rescue. She is delusional and full of lies..

This is what will happen to you if you deal with Kelly..

Be scared and beware of her evil ways.

Remember kelly, Good always prevails over EVIL... As you have so far seen it happen...

Offender: Kelly Corrao Finnigan Sonrisa Chihuahuas

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Spring Grove
Phone: 6306737877

Category: Education & Science


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