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Complaint / Review
Internet Yellowpages
866-293-3404 Falsely claimed that I have been doing business with them in the past. I asked if I have done business with them before, he said yes.internet

Earilier in 2007 this guy called me. He said he was with internet yellowpages and wanted to know if I wanted to be listed again with them. I was confused of who he was and asked if I had done business with them before, because I was thinking it was our local Yellow pages directory.

The gentleman said, "Yes, you have been listed with us before." He asked if he could record the call for verification. When he started the recording I was getting nervous and asked again, "Are you sure I have been listed with you before? He reasured me that I was. So, I said, "Well, Ok."

Two weeks later I get a threatening call from these people saying that it has been 30 days and my bill is overdue. I asked him to verify himself. He said he is with the internet yellowpages. I said, have I ever done business with you guys before. He told me, no you were listed for free with us and now you have a paid listing with us. Your invoice is overdue, and I am going to turn you into collections! You are listed on our website and we can not change that. I told him that his salesman lied to me and this is a scam and I am not paying anything. He then said I am going to turn you into collections.

I have received a bill from these people, but I refuse to pay for it. Especially since I was tricked into thinking this was our local yellow pages company.

When our local phone book company calls me, I give them the 3rd degree to verify themselves. The guys then tell me that they hear this a lot, which tells me that "The internet yellowpages" people have scammed a lot of people.

I since then done an internet search for this company and I have no idea who these people are or how they got my name. Who the hell goes to their website to find local companies in our area? Nobody, they don't even come up in the search engines! Just because they have a website does not mean they are a legit business.

I have since then received two other calls from this so called company. Before, there would be a number that would come up on caller id, now it comes up as private. And all of the people that I have spoken to at this company all have foreign accents. I tell each one that calls that this is a scam and you are a fraud. I then don't hear from them for some time. Then out of the blue they call again. These people don't even act like a legit company.

I am fed up with these people and want to turn them in. I just don't know who to talk to. I want these calls to stop and the company should be investigate for their business practices. I feel many people are falling victim to these people.

My final word is that I am not paying these people anything. There so called sales man lied to me! This is a scam and they are a fraud. Their business man lied to me. The lady that called today thought this was funny. I told her that I am happy to hear she thinks this is funny. She said, "Oh, I don't think this is funny." I proceed to tell her that I am going to turn them in and hung up on her. Before I hung up I asked her for the number she is calling from and she gave me 1-866-293-3404.

I did a search on this phone number and found the website and Rippoff Report site. Go visit their website at: and just enter a state only and hit enter. Look at what comes up. Does that look like the real yellow pages? I would be willing to bet that the people listed, were lied to also.

Offender: Internet Yellowpages

Country: USA   State: Nationwide
Phone: 8662933404

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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