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El Dorado Springs, Mo. U.S. Post Office, Postmaster Fritts, Employee Darrel Martin Others
U.S. Post Office, Postmaster Fritts, Employee Darrel M

Complaint / review text:
I, Marvalene P., have been harassed and lied about by the El Dorado Springs, Mo. Post office since 2000 when their employee removed all my mail from the mailbox while I was gone overnight campaigning statewide. Another employee at the post office told me what had happened THEN when I asked what business it was of anyone at the post office to interfere with delivery of the mail by taking the mail back out of the box nor to notice when I came home.

HE reported I "threw" "a box of candy" or "a bowl of candy" or "a piece of candy" AND mos. Later the U.S. Attorney's office tried to get me to appear in federal court to answer a violation of a post office regulation as a petty offense criminal case. (The U.S. Attorney's office years later dropped the case, but the local harassment continued.)

One morning this year Postmaster Fritts (who was not the postmaster in 2000) even sent an e mail declaring he was standing at my door before daylight and delivering mail long delayed for delivery by he and the employee who took the mail out of my mailbox in 2000.

Since the fall of 2003 Stacy M. Has gotten her mail at my address where she has resided off and on. Beginning in at least May, 2006 several pieces of her mail came up missing after the same employee, who took the mail out of my mailbox, claimed she had to sign for the return of a certified letter she had sent to her ex, AND we complained about the fact he did not even knock on the door and attempt to actually deliver the returned mail.

Since that complaint none of her mail has been delivered as addressed to my address. We complained to members of Congress, the regional postal service, U.S. Postal Inspectors, FBI, and even to the Washington DC USPS officials. Weeks later Postmaster F* sent an e mail and a letter to Stacy's work post office box declaring he would not allow any of her mail to be delivered until she personally appeared in his office and told him to deliver it BECAUSE she had told him I was never to have access to her mail.

Stacy works hours from El Dorado Springs and long, long hours and should not have to appear in his office when she clearly had told the post office over and over where to deliver her mail and they had done so, at least in part, for mos. She then appeared before a notary, complete with identification, and signed an affidavit that she has never met Postmaster F* nor been in the El Dorado Springs, Mo. Post Office and her mail was to be delivered to my address immediately.

That affidavit was provided to Fritts and all other levels of the USPS plus anywhere else she could think of to send it. Now, again weeks later no mail has been delivered EXCEPT July 6,2006 the man, who took the mail out of my mailbox in 2000 (and whose relative may very well have murdered my brother in 1971), appeared at my home in the package delivery truck to deliver two pieces of junk mail and the weekly ads and a slip for certified mail to Stacy c/o my name's spelling slaughtered and from Postmaster Fritts.

The mail Stacy is missing includes IRS and state tax refunds, court notifications from court in Illinois and Missouri, returned certified mail she tried to send to her ex, mail from attorneys, and one can only wonder what else since no mail has been delivered since May.

My own mail is also being tampered with and often delivered opened, delayed, or damaged. The man who took the mail out of my mailbox in 2000 is not the regular carrier, but turns back up at my house when there is some reason he wants to harass. There was no reason whatsoever for him to be in the package delivery truck delivering the mail to my house today EXCEPT he knew the certified to Stacy thus would never be delivered because it is also not safe to sit foot in the post office to be falsely accused of something else.

There has to be someone or some entity who will stop this ridiculous, insane abuse of power.

Marvalene and Stacy
El Dorado Springs, Missouri

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